Sunday, October 10, 2010

Our Federal government is full of self-serving, power hungry men and women who have forgotten their roles as servants of the people.  There are a few who are still trying to do what they were elected to do but mostly they're in it for themselves.  I am a fairly moderate conservative but not a Republican.  The Republican party has lost its way and moved left with the progressives.  Both sides are all about spending, special interests and expanding their own personal power.  We need fiscal conservatism, a strong national security policy, to mend the fences with our allies and deal diplomatically with the proven method of "Walk softly but carry a big stick."  Other nations throughout the world may not agree with us but, since World War II, they have known not to mess with us either.  Deterrance through strength may be offensive to some but it works. 

9/11 occurred because we let our guard down, even though we had already been attacked by terrorists on several fronts worldwide.  Our intelligence agencies were arrogant in their cooperation, sharing information only when they were forced to do so.  This led to a breakdown in communication that, if it had not occurred, could have prevented the attack on that September morning.  There was enough information out there that, if shared and pieced together, could possibly have led to the plot before it was enacted.  Say what you want about the Bush administration but after 9/11, when our various agencies decided to cooperate with each other, many terrorist plots were uncovered and prevented.  This needs to continue.

Before he took office, President Obama promised he would close Guantanamo Bay detention center and end the war in Iraq.  He wasn't interested in continuing either of the wars we were fighting.  Yet after he took office, when he was finally informed of everything our intelligence community knew, a privilege given to the President but not a Presidential candidate, his promises seemed to be less urgent to keep.  Just as in the case of the Cambridge police and Professor Gates, sometimes it's best to have all the information before making a judgement call.

My point, I suppose, is that the United States of American needs to maintain and continue to be the strongest nation in the world, dedicated to peace and freedom for all and ready to fight to preserve both of those.  Peace doesn't come about in today's world by laying down our arms and hugging each other.  Peace comes from being stronger than the other guy and being ready to defend our hard-earned freedom. 

God bless our government and guide them in the right direction.  And God continue to bless America and her people.  We need it now more than ever.

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