Friday, January 16, 2015

Will 2015 Be The Year The World Loses Freedom Of Speech?

For several years now Muslims around the world have been demanding that non-Muslims stop insulting and/or slandering their beliefs, While they denigrate Christians and Jews with their hate speech (and kill them in many instances) they demand that no one speak ill of Allah, Islam or their prophet, Mohammed. And it seems that some world leaders, including our own President, are siding with the Muslims rather than with freedom.

Since Obama took office he has removed the words "Islam, Muslim terrorists, jihad," and others not only from his speeches but from counter intelligence training manuals, FBI training manuals, and military manuals. President Obama refuses to acknowledge that the terrorists who are killing hundreds of thousands of people around the world in the name of Allah and Mohammed are, in fact, Muslims. He also denies that the Quran demands that infidels - non-believers - be converted or killed. The President says Islam is a religion of peace - even as Imams around the world, who are much more qualified to speak for Islam than Obama, call for jihad worldwide in the name of Allah.

Recently in France two armed Muslims entered the office building of Charlie Hebdo magazine, a publication that specializes in satirical cartoons about religion, politics and celebrities, and killed 12 people in the name of the prophet Mohammed. Upon exiting the building they stopped in the street and shouted three times "We have avenged the prophet Mohammed!"

Charlie Hebdo had published cartoons of Mohammed several times in the past. Muslims took offense and the result was a terrorist attack and loud statement to others - "Don't insult the prophet Mohammed or it could be deadly."

To their credit, the surviving Charlie Hebdo employees published another cartoon just days later that featured Mohammed. They didn't back down in fear. And while I find many of their cartoons to be crass and offensive, I must admire their courage in publishing their latest cover.

The push now from governments around the world to cease and desist with any words or behaviors that are insulting to Islam is not only pathetic but surprising. From our own President to German Chancellor Angela Merkel, to the Pope, leaders are bowing to the terrorists and telling citizens and magazines that they should stop insulting and/or slandering Islam because it's just not right. 

Even before the blood was cleaned from the interior of the Charlie Hebdo building the Obama administration was declaring that the terrorists responsible for the attacks were not Muslims. Regardless of the writings in the Quran, which not only justify the violence but demand it, and the words and actions of the terrorists themselves, many world leaders refuse to acknowledge the Islam connection, instead saying that Islam is a "religion of peace." Anyone with two eyes and a working brain can easily see that's not the case.

Certainly there are Muslims in the world who do not condone the violence that is growing daily in Islamic circles. But most of them stay quiet about it, refusing to speak out against it. In Islamic nations that would be the smart idea since radical Sunnis are executing people who disagree with them. But here in the United States Muslims are also staying quiet. If one stays quiet in the face of evil and do nothing about it they are part of the problem.

Here at home our President wants the media to stop saying anything about Islam that is derogatory in nature. He doesn't want terrorists to be called "radical Islamists," "radical Muslims," or "jihadists," instead wanting them to be called "radical extremists." He has said more than once that the terrorists are "not Islamic," saying "no religion condones the killing of innocents." Apparently the radical Islamic extremists disagree.

Pope Francis made a statement the other day saying "You cannot insult the faith of others." Apparently he believes that people have the right not to be offended, particularly when it comes to their religious beliefs. It's a great ideology... but he's wrong. No one in this world, not even the Pope himself, has the right not to be offended. Everyone has the right to choose not to be offended. That's it.

Being offended does not give one the right to kill. In the same manner, killing over offensive speech does not mean the speech should be outlawed. If the leaders in the world bow down to terrorism, whether it be Islamic or domestic, the terrorists win. We need world leaders who will stand up and tell these Islamic terrorists that we will no longer tolerate their murderous acts and that there is now a war declared, far and wide, against radical Islam. If the non-radicalized Muslims wish to join us they may do so. If not, they need to get out of the way!

In another interesting development - it seems our illustrious President released five more detainees from Gitmo the other day, all from Yemen. Basically, the President spit in the face of Congress who, immediately following the terror attacks in Paris, declared they would not authorize the release of any more detainees until further notice. It seems President Obama decided he doesn't need Congressional approval for anything these days. 

The French police killed three Yemeni terrorists last week. President Obama delivered five new ones, courtesy of the United States of America. Good move, Mr. President. Perhaps you should stop journalists from reporting the things you do as well.

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