Wednesday, January 28, 2015

An Open Letter To Gary Sinese

Dear Gary -

On behalf of millions of Americans I would first like to thank you for everything you do for our service members, both active duty and veterans. You, Sir, have used your fame and good fortune to help others, specifically those who wear the uniform of the military of this great nation. You selflessly entertain the troops, even visiting them in war zones, and you stage events for our wounded warriors.

You even visit them in medical centers around the country. And you do it quietly, without fanfare and a big production. It's not only commendable - it shows your true character.

I have been a fan of yours since I first saw the movie, "Forest Gump." Lieutenant Dan was an extraordinary character and your portrayal of him was outstanding. You and Tom Hanks made a great team.

I tried to get interested in your "CSI New York" show. I really did. But at the time I was living in Miami and was a huge fan of David Caruso and the "CSI Miami" show. I still watch "CSI Miami" reruns whenever I find them on. For whatever reason I never got hooked on "CSI New York." I'm sorry. (If it's any consolation I don't like the new CSI either. Once William Peterson departed I stopped watching.)

Back to the present. Your TV and film work is great. You've got an ability to make characters come to life and you are definitely in the right career. Your band is also good and you use it to reach out to America's heroes in a way that draws attention not to the band but the the heroes themselves. Your cause is noble and honorable.

I read your recent comments to Howard Dean's rant about the movie "American Sniper." Dean once again proved what a raging loon he truly is and your comments were spot on. Dean has since apologized, at least to veterans, but he thinks everyone who took offense to his comments and told him so are "right-wing nut jobs." That would include you, I guess. Go figure.

Which leads me to my next point - thanks for standing up to Howard Dean publicly and challenging his comments. Even though he's not worth your time, many of us appreciate the fact that a celebrity such as yourself spoke out against his tirade. I do believe it made him think twice about his comments and retract at least some of it.

You are a good man, Gary Sinese. And a great American. You do for our heroes what many of us would like to do but don't possess the means. As I said - the things you do speak of your character and your heart. On behalf of many of my fellow veterans, thank you for what you do. I hope you continue to do it for many years - as long as you can still play that bass.

God bless you, Sir.

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