Saturday, January 17, 2015

Where Is Bowe Bergdahl?

I'm sure you're all familiar with the Bowe Bergdahl story - the "alleged" deserter who wandered away from his Army unit in Afghanistan, sans equipment, rifle or permission, to seek out the Taliban. He found them. Or they found him. And he was held captive for five years until his release was negotiated by an inept and seemingly traitorous White House in a prisoner swap wherein five top Taliban commanders being held in Guantanamo Bay were traded for Bergdahl.

President Obama was surprised when he discovered that Americans opposed his swap, which he did without Congressional approval in a possible violation of law. (He is required to give Congress 30 days notice before releasing any prisoners held in Guantanamo Bay.) The White House says that as Commander-in-Chief Obama is allowed to conduct military actions during wartime. They called the swap a military action. Many Americans called it aiding and abetting the enemy.

The Bergdahl exchange was done and Bergdahl was returned to the United States, ending up on a base in San Antonio, Texas, where he was given medical and psychological exams. The Army CID also investigated the allegations of desertion leveled by his fellow soldiers.

Once Bergdahl was cleared medically and psychologically he was assigned a desk job as the investigation into his conduct continued. To my knowledge he was never put into custody.

According to various sources, the investigation was completed in early October and the report was written. No information was released to the public, ostensibly until the mid-term elections were over in early November. Many people speculated on the reason the report wasn't going to be released. Was it because the report was going to say Bergdahl was not guilty of any wrongdoing and did not desert, as his fellow soldiers still say? Or was it because they found that he was a deserter and the report would make President Obama look bad, given what he gave up to get Bergdahl back?

What's interesting is that the report (or at least the results) have yet to be released to the public. Since President Obama lately seems not to care what people think of the things he does I doubt the report says Bergdahl is a deserter. I think they will clear him of any and all allegations, give him his back pay of over $200,000. It will be a slap in the face to all military members who are serving and have served honorably.

If they charge Bergdahl with desertion it will make the President's decision to trade the Taliban commanders for him look even worse than it already does. (Contrary to the promises made by the White House at least four of those commanders are back in action with three of them now helping to lead ISIS.) And President Obama doesn't like to look bad. It keeps him and Josh Earnest too busy trying to make up excuses.

The other interesting thing is that since October there have been no news updates on Bergdahl, where he is now and what he is doing. The only articles since October are those wondering when and if the report is going to be made public.

So where is Bowe Bergdahl? It seems only the Army and Bergdahl himself know - and possibly his family and any close friends. You can bet the President knows where he is and what is going on. Perhaps they'll hold a court martial that is classified and punish him without the public's knowledge. I doubt that but it would help the President save face.

A few weeks after the Bergdahl swap I predicted that he would never face charges and would simply disappear from the public eye. I wanted to be wrong but it seems my prediction could be coming true. The soldiers who died searching for Bergdahl after he left deserve better. Their families deserve the truth. I can't help but wonder if they'll ever get it....

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