Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Some Truths About American Politics Today

Any of you who have read my blog know that I'm a Christian, conservative independent and not a Republican. With the new (same ol') leadership in the House of Representatives many Americans are expecting great things to be accomplished on Republican/conservative side of the aisle. Or they were at least, until John Boehner became House Speaker again.

Republicans won the majority by a large margin in November. The people made their thoughts and desire clear... "We're tired of failed Democrat leadership and want Republicans to do something about it." So with both Houses being controlled by Republicans we can expect sweeping changes, or at least attempts at sweeping changes that will probably be vetoed by President Obama. Well... maybe not.

Let's look at some facts about our nation and her politicians that, while they may ire some people, are facts nevertheless.

Conservatives want some things changed, some laws reversed and/or blocked, to bring the government in line with their own beliefs and desires. Many of them have to do with Christian values - something liberals have thrown out the window. Today's government is about making sure everyone feels equal and has the same "rights," even if they have to remove someone else's rights to accomplish it.

Perfect examples of this are the recent court decisions that force Christian business owners to cater to people whose activities and beliefs are completely opposite that of the business owner's religious beliefs. I'm speaking, of course, of the rulings against Christian businesses who have been told by judges they cannot refuse service to same sex couples even if providing those services would go directly against their Christian beliefs.

Here's a simple truth about America 2015. Same sex marriage is here to stay. Conservitives/Christians can oppose it, speak out against it, and even demand that our elected officials do something to change it but guess what? It's not going to happen. No conservative, Christian or otherwise, is going to try to outlaw something that the majority of the American voters believe should be left alone. (Rasmussen puts those in favor of same sex marriage at 48% and those opposed at 41%.) Besides - they know that if it goes to the Supreme Court the Supreme Court will, in all likelihood, find for the rights of same sex couples. You don't have to like it but you will have to live with it, in my humble opinion.

Abortion is another topic that conservatives are up in arms about that will never be reversed. No Republican, conservative, Christian politician, from President all the way down, is ever going to change Roe vs Wade. Like it or not abortion in some form is here to stay. Some states are putting increased regulations on it, which is perfectly fine until those regulations are overturned by the Supreme Court (which many ultimately will be.)

We have as many as 15 million people currently in the country illegally and more crossing the borders every day. And while I have faith that one day, with a Republican hat-trick in 2016, perhaps the borders will finally be secured (it's not going to happen before 2017) but those people here illegally are also here to stay. No politician, Republican, Democrat, Independent, conservative, liberal, or libertarian, is going to round up 15 million illegals and deport them. It's not going to happen. Period.

No conservative is going to run on that platform either. They will run on border control and increased security. They will run on finding a path to citizenship for those who are here already. And they may run on increasing or at least continuing deportation hearings for those illegals who have been caught and arrested. But there will never be an all out push to find and deport everyone who is here illegally - by either side.

The Republican party that we knew years ago is gone, or at least on its way out. RINOs and progressives have taken over as they move further and further to the left. And while I can't say matter-of-factly that Boehner is a progressive - from all outward appearances he is weak and easily coerced by the President. He has shown no real leadership in the last two years. Yet the majority of Republicans re-elected him to the Speaker position. As I said yesterday - when Nancy Pelosi and the main stream media praise Boehner's re-election you know the Republicans have done the wrong thing.

My point in all of this is simple - if you refuse to vote for a Republican candidate for President because he or she is "not conservative enough" or "not a true conservative" because he/she doesn't agree with you on each and every issue, you will never vote. There is no perfect candidate and there never will be. Ronald Reagan, one of the most beloved (if not THE most beloved) conservative Presidents in our history, granted amnesty to illegals. If you voted for him back then would you now go back and withdraw your vote because of that?

Mitt Romney may not be perfect but he would have been profoundly better than Barack Obama. Yet many conservative Christians refused to vote for him in 2012 because he is Mormon. Thanks to those people we again have a man who favors Islam over America and illegals over U.S. citizens. Thanks for that.

The primaries will begin early next year with the first state caucus held in January. There could be a few Presidential candidates or their could be many. We'll have to wait and see. I know several potential candidates I will not vote for in the primaries - at least until the last round. And if those candidates are in the last round I will hold my nose and select the one who represents my views more than the other(s). And I will definitely vote for the Republican candidate over the Democrat. Many may disagree but I owe my country that much. No matter who the candidate is we cannot afford another liberal Democrat in the White House. That should be painfully obvious to everyone by now.

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