Thursday, January 8, 2015

The World Brought To Its Knees?

In 1933, Adolph Hitler and the Nazis took over the government of Germany. Over the next six years he did away with all political parties and began rounding up political dissenters and Jews. After reoccupying the German Rhineland and "annexing" Austria, Hitler invaded Poland in 1939. At that time France and Great Britain decided they were not going to allow it anymore and declared war on Germany. The United States sat back in a neutral position on the war against the Nazis until Hitler pressed the issue, declaring war on the United States on December 11, 1941. (The United States had already declared war on Japan for their attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7th.)

Basically, the United States sat back and watched what was happening in Europe, including the rounding up and murder of hundreds of thousands of Jews, until we had no other choice but to respond to threats.

Fast forward to 2013. In the power void left in Iraq by President Obama's complete troop withdrawal from Iraq in 2011, a band of Sunni Muslim extremists calling themselves Al Qaeda in Iraq, began a campaign of aggression and recruitment. They expanded into Syria and established a presence there, fighting in the Syrian civil war against the Assad regime and ultimately receiving weapons from the United States.

As their numbers and controlled territory grew they renamed themselves the Islamic State, then the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria. Known for their extreme brutality and murder of innocents, eventually Al Qaeda cut ties with them. (Like they're any less guilty of killing innocents.)

Like Nazi Germany, ISIS exterminates anyone who gets in their way or does not agree with their radical Islamic views. Tens of thousands of Christians have been slaughtered in the last couple of years throughout the Middle East but especially in Iraq and Syria.

For months President Obama sat back and did nothing, watching as tens of thousands of innocent people were systematically executed, many women and children who were beheaded, some even cut in half. He watched as ISIS publicly beheaded American and British civilians who had been held captive in Iraq and Syria. And while he condemned the actions, he notably declared that ISIS was not Islamic and did nothing. He called them the "JV team."

Eventually a crisis developed in which the President could no longer justify sitting back and watching. ISIS launched an attack against the Kurds, who are allies of the United States. A reluctant Obama was finally pressed into action, albeit, minor and mostly ineffective action. Obama launched air strikes against ISIS targets that were a threat to American interests.

During the time of Obama's inaction, ISIS its allies have grown to at least 50,000 fighters. They have countless captured weapons and vehicles, including tanks and armored vehicles, and even missiles. Hardly a JV team, ISIS continues to take territory in Iraq and Syria and continues to kill innocent people. And they are expanding outside the Middle East as well, as the attack on the French newspaper office yesterday so vividly demonstrates.

Many "news" organizations around the world are refraining from publishing anything that might be offensive to ISIS or Islam because of attacks such as the one yesterday. Have we really become a world so terrified by a terrorist organization that they now dictate our freedom (or restriction) of speech? Is the world going to cower for fear of violence by an extremist group who kills in the name of Allah? Right now it seems that is a sound possibility.

Although he condemned the actions of the extremists yesterday, President Obama failed to mention the words "Islamic, Muslim, or jihadists." One cannot help but wonder if President Obama will ever commit to actually destroying ISIS and its affiliates since he won't even admit who and what they truly are. It was our leader, after all, who went in front of the United Nations following the Benghazi attacks and said "The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam." What kind of American President, who claims to be a Christian, says something like that, except one who cares more about Islam than he does about his own nation - particularly when his entire rhetoric about that incident was a blatant lie?

The free nations of the world need to join together as one, with or without Barack Obama, and address this worldwide threat. Just as in World War II, there is a great evil in the world that needs to be eradicated. ISIS is the new Nazi party. They will stop at nothing to advance their cause and will eventually begin all out attacks inside the United States. Three Muslim men, associated with ISIS, killed 12 people and injured 30 in France yesterday in the name of Allah. Anyone who believes that cannot happen here is fooling themselves.

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