Friday, January 30, 2015

The United States Does Not Negotiate With Terrorists...

It's true. We haven't negotiated with ISIS and made any concessions to gain the release of American hostages held by that group. And those Americans were eventually beheaded for the world to see. We haven't negotiated with other terrorist groups to prevent the execution of American hostages. So why did we negotiate the release of Army deserter (alleged) Bowe Bergdahl and trade five Taliban commanders for him?

The answer was given by White House Deputy Press Secretary Eric Schultz just the other day. It's simple. The Taliban, which has been designated a terrorist organization by the State Department since 2002, was re-designated as an "armed insurgent" by the White House so we could negotiate with them.

"America doesn't leave anyone behind," the President and his administration said. Nope - we don't leave anyone behind. Not even a soldier who ships his belongings home, tells his parents he is disillusioned with the war, leaves a note that he is leaving, leaves his weapon and gear, and goes wandering off through Afghanistan asking civilians if they know where he can find the Taliban.

No, we find guys like that and trade Taliban generals for him at the rate of 5 to 1. We tell the American people that he "served with honor and distinction." There is also an unfounded rumor that the swap included $5 billion to the terrorists as well. The President says this was simply a prisoner swap at the end of the war. But the war against terrorism isn't over, whether or not we pull our troops from Afghanistan. So when the backlash over the negotiations with the terrorist organization began (much to Obama's surprise) they simply said that the Taliban is not a terrorist organization but an armed insurgent, therefore the swap was legal and just.

If the Taliban is not a terrorist organization one must ask why the United States is offering a reward of up to $10 million for the capture of Taliban leader Mulla Omar, who is classified as a terrorist and "represents a continuing threat to America and her allies."

Personally, for the Bergdahl swap alone I believe President Obama should be charged with treason.

Current Pentagon spokesman, Rear Admiral John Kirby, last night defended the swap, and bringing everyone home, as something "we need to do for the families." And to an extent I can agree with him. Efforts to free an ordinary prisoner of war should be extensive, short of selling our own country out or paying his captors. But Bowe Bergdahl was no ordinary POW and this was no ordinary prisoner exchange. Bergdahl's father told Bowe to "follow your heart" when it came to staying or leaving the war. So they not only knew what he might do but encouraged it. I'm not too concerned about getting their boy back when his desertion was approved by his parents. The United States of America lost on this one, all the way around.

Rumors have been flying around all week about Bergdahl being charged with desertion. Admiral Kirby denied that to be the case saying there has been no decision made as of yet. There are also rumors that the White House is pressuring the Army not to charge Bergdahl with anything serious so this entire incident can be swept under the rug and made to disappear. Certainly that rumor is believable.

I believe if and when an announcement is made that Bergdahl is to be charged the White House will do what they normally do with news they don't like. They will release it late (after 5) on a Friday afternoon and hope the news agencies don't pick it up right away. But they needn't worry. The main stream (all Obama, all the time) media won't report much on it anyway. The only way anyone will learn about it is if they watch Fox, read the few conservative newspapers out there or listen to conservative talk radio. Nothing that makes the President look bad will be aired by the main stream media.

But then - they will do the same thing if Bergdahl is not charged. Most Americans will be angry if the White House succeeds in sweeping the Bergdahl incident under the rug. That information will be released late on a Friday as well, and ignored by the same news agencies. Interesting how that works.

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