Saturday, January 24, 2015

The Childishness Of The Obama White House

Sometimes I can't help but wonder about the mental age of President Obama and some of his staff. When they don't get their way they either whine or react in childish ways, as if having a tantrum. Sometimes they even go out of their way to display their immaturity.

Case in point - the recent State of the Union luncheon for the media. Each representative of each network had a place card in front of his/her seat with their name and network on it, such as "Scott Pelley, CBS News." Then you get to the two anchors from Fox News, Shepard Smith and Bret Baier.

Both Smith and Baier had place cards with their names and Fox but without the word "News." 

“I sat next to Brian Williams, and we all have these place cards and his said, ‘Brian Williams, NBC News,’" Smith reported. "And across from me was David Muir, the new guy on ABC. It said, ‘David Muir, ABC News.’ And then, over next to the president, was Scott Pelley, and it said, ‘Scott Pelley, ABC News.’

And I looked at mine, and it doesn’t say anything about news. It just says, ‘Fox.’ And I looked at Bret Baier’s and it said, ‘Bret Baier, Fox.’

But all the rest of them got ‘news.’ I mean, I don’t care — lunch was great.”

Smith took the high road and didn't complain but this was a luncheon hosted by the White House - the President of the United States - and they're playing childish games with the one news agency that doesn't praise them daily?

Certainly critics of Fox say that Fox doesn't report news but makes things up. These comments come from news agencies that say Obama is a great President, unemployment is at 5% and the economy is booming. Who is it, again, who makes things up?

This isn't the first childish jab at Fox taken by the White House and/or the President. Mr. Obama has made numerous public statements against Fox since he was first elected in 2008. Fox doesn't coddle the President. They tell it like it is instead of pandering to Obama. And the President doesn't like it at all.

Besides whining about Fox News, President Obama also tends to have childish reactions to various things that happen, sometimes trying to be covert and sometimes not. During the 2008 primaries he was captured on that now infamous video giving Hillary Clinton the middle finger. 

In September 2014 it was reported that while meeting with his top military advisers concerning bombing ISIS, some of those military leaders were (correctly) tying ISIS to Islam. In his usual 'defense of Islam' mode the President became angry and said "Don't you dare paint all of Islam with the same brush," before storming out of the room. Some sources believe it didn't happen because it couldn't be specifically verified but since we have a President who himself says "ISIS is not Islamic" why would it be unfathomable that he would chastise his military leaders for acquainting the two? It fits in with everything Obama says about Islam.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin (Bibi) Netanyahu seems to be a favorite target for Obama's childishness. It's no secret that Obama doesn't like the man who would be our strongest ally. He's been trying to push Bibi around since they both took office in 2009. Netanyahu refuses to be bullied and that makes Obama angry. In 2010, during a visit to the United States, Mr. Netanyahu was left in a White House meeting room for over an hour while an irritated President Obama left the meeting to go eat lunch with his wife and daughters. 

In 2012, Obama refused to meet with Netanyahu during another visit to the United States. Netanyahu, being the gentleman he is, wanted to meet with Obama and then to meet with then-candidate Mitt Romney while he was here. But since Obama refused the meeting, Netanyahu decided not to meet face to face with Romney because he didn't want to influence the election in any way.

Apparently Obama paid attention to what Netanyahu did because this week, when it was announced that Benjamin Netanyahu had accepted an invitation from Congress to visit and speak to them, without the President's approval, the White House first responded there "will be a price" for the snub and announced that the President would not be meeting with Netanyahu while he's here. Then, when they realized how childish they sounded, they added "The President doesn't want to influence the upcoming Israeli election." Like Obama could do that.

There is a report out now that says the White House put out information saying that the head of the Israeli intelligence agency, Mossad, Chief Tamir Pardo, has asked the United States not to introduce any new sanctions against Iran as U.S. negotiations fail continue in Iran's bid to gain nuclear weapons. The Israeli government and Pardo himself have denounced the report as false and call it retaliation by the Obama administration.

The fact is that Obama is once again angry at Netanyahu because both Boehner and Netanyahu left Obama out of the loop. And he's having a little temper tantrum. 

These are just a few of Obama's actions that show his narcissistic immaturity when dealing with things that make him unhappy. It's embarrassing for this American to watch an elected U.S. President act in such a manner for the world to see.

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