Monday, April 1, 2013

Problems In The Kitchen...

Warning:  Today's post is about cooking.  There is no political content at all.  The author is solely responsible for the content of this post....

I was in the kitchen a little while ago looking over the ingredients for tonight's dinner menu.  Arden has asked for chicken stir-fry so I had to ensure I had everything to prepare it.
I checked the refrigerator to find the chicken I had thawed out the day before and the vegetables I got yesterday at the grocery store. Soy sauce - check.  Everything was there and waiting. 

I opened the pantry door and that's when I realized I had a problem.  There in the open doorway, in the harsh glare of the pantry light I was suddenly confronted with a problem…  I had no nuts!  I was stuck with the realization that Arden would come home for dinner and find out her loving husband (and personal chef) had no nuts.  Where did they go?  They were there the last time I checked!!  I didn’t want to face her without them!  What was I to do???

Thinking quickly I came up with a plan.  Since Arden wasn't due home for another 90 minutes I did what any guy in my situation would do...  I went out to get me some new nuts.  They really weren't all that difficult to find and rather inexpensive in the long run.  (I probably should have gotten some extra ones so I’d never run into this problem again - but I only got what I needed at the time.  Hindsight...)  I went back home with my new nuts feeling better about myself all the way around.  I just couldn't let Arden come home for a good dinner of chicken stir-fry only to discover I had no nuts.  That could easily ruin the entire evening!

For my friends who like to cook...  to impress the woman you love you should always have everything she wants - including your nuts, if the recipe calls for them.  Cashews and peanuts are best for Chinese cooking.  Not sure if you were thinking the same thing....

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  1. A culinary ghastly! Glad you were able to fix your problem! There are times when having no nuts is just not acceptable! Great blog! :-)