Friday, April 19, 2013

Right Leaning Politics Does Not Make You A Mass Murderer...

Just hours after the bombings in Boston on Monday, liberal pundits on CNN and MSNBC were insinuating (and even hoping) that the bombers were white Americans connected to the Tea Party or other right-wing political groups.  Indeed, CNN’s Wolf Blitzer and MSNBC’s Chris Matthews were all but blaming the Tea Party and telling people that the bombings, particularly pressure cooker bombs, were somewhat typical of right-wing extremists.  It’s interesting how their first assumption is that the perpetrators of violence in this country are right-wing extremists when over and over again they’ve been proven wrong.

Wolf, Chris, and others who think like you – I’d like to give you a few facts that you might want to consider before the next time you blame the right for something without any evidence whatsoever:

The Newtown, Connecticut, shooter – Adam Lanza – was a registered Democrat.

The Aurora, Colorado, shooter – James Holmes – is a registered Democrat who worked for the Obama campaign and participated in the Occupy Wall Street protests.

The perpetrator of the Fort Hood “workplace violence” shootings – Nadal Hassan – is a registered Democrat and a Muslim.

The Virginia Tech shooter - Seung-Hui Cho, a South Korean citizen with U.S. permanent resident status – had sent hate mail to President George W. Bush and wrote a manifesto in which he expressed his hatred of the wealthy and his fear of the “prospect of being turned out into the world of work, finances, and responsibilities.”  Hardly the actions or philosophy of someone on the right.

Jared Laughner, the man who shot Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords and 17 others in Tucson in January, 2011, had widely diverse political views – some from the right and some from the left.  However, what’s important in his case is that before the blood was even cleaned from the sidewalk outside that store in Tucson, liberal pundits were already labeling him a right-wing radical who was influenced by people like Sarah Palin – a notion that was absolutely false and unsupported.  Yet they blamed the right for Loughner’s actions until they finally had to stop because the evidence showed how ridiculous their statements were.

The Columbine shooters - Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold – were too young to vote but their parents are all registered Democrats.  (In Colorado why would they be anything else?)

Although a registered Republican, Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh transformed into a government hating, Islam sympathizer somewhere between high school and his return from Iraq.  Beneath his clean-cut persona, he harbored a warped sense of empathy for Osama bin Laden, the first World Trade Center mastermind Ramzi Yousef, and Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein. During his incarceration, McVeigh penned personal essays unveiling his deep-seated sympathies for Middle Eastern terrorists that fueled his anti-government zealotry.  He unabashedly expressed regret for the killing two Iraqi enemy combatants, for which he earned the Bronze Star.  Hardly the feelings and beliefs of a conservative American.

There are many who would classify Ted Kaczynski as a right-wing radical however, like Jared Loughner, Kaczynski’s views were diverse and quite conflicting.  He abhorred big government and civilization (large cities) and believed that industry and technology were killing the planet, not only the environment but people themselves.  He was associated with the Green Anarchists for a while, a left-wing organization by nature, then eventually decided they had been too much influenced by radical leftists to be effective.

The point is, contrary to the statements of extreme left-wing pundits (and their followers), being a Republican doesn’t make you a mass murderer any more than being a Democrat does.  Being mentally unstable makes you a murderer of innocent people.  Even if you’re killing in the name of Allah and Islam, when you kill innocent people, including children, there’s something wrong with you.  Eric Rudolph killed people in an attempt to stop abortions and believed he was doing God’s will.  But our God would never condone murdering innocent people – regardless of the stated cause.  Rudolph is mentally unstable, just like Kaczynski, Loughner, Harris and Klebold, McVeigh, Cho, Hassan, Holmes and Lanza.  And the two Boston bombers, Tamerlan and Dzhokar Tsarnaev, who turned out to be Chechnyan Muslims.  Sorry, Wolf.  Sorry, Chris.  Hate it for ya.

I have yet to hear conservative pundits blame left-wing radicals for acts of violence without any evidence to back it up.  Responsible journalism doesn't allow such unsubstantiated conclusions and accusations.  I suppose those liberal pundits have their reasons for making such assumptions but they make themselves look ridiculous and petty in the long run.

“I have noticed that the people who try hardest to impose moral code on others (not in self-defense) are often the least careful to abide by that moral code themselves.”  - Ted Kaczynski

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  1. That show's even a man like Ted Kaczynski has some coherent moments.