Saturday, April 20, 2013

Everything Is A Conspiracy....!

I was listening to the radio in the car the other day and heard a couple of things that caused me to just shake my head.  Supposedly, there is a group out there who believed that because a black backpack was found at the scene of the Boston Marathon bombing, and because several people in the pictures were wearing black, and because Navy SEALs wear black and carry equipment in black backpacks, that the Navy SEALs were responsible for the bombing.

There is another group who believed the Boston Police Department was responsible for it and that they were impeding the FBI from proceeding with a thorough investigation.  Anyone who watched the news yesterday now knows that neither of those theories are true, and they’re actually rather silly.

Some conspiracy theorists believe the letters mailed to the President and the Mississippi Senator that contained ricin were also part of the Boston Marathon bombing incident.  Sean Hannity tried for two days to connect the two incidents, even though every expert he asked said it simply wasn’t true.  I like Hannity but he was getting annoying trying to connect things that had nothing in common.

Then, of course, the explosion happened at the West, Texas, fertilizer plant and there was another incident people were trying to connect to the Boston bombing and the ricin incidents.  As the different scenes played out and the investigations progressed, it turned out that the ricin laced letters had come from a nut in Mississippi, the Boston bombers were Chechnyan Muslims and none of them were related.  There are still some who believe the explosion was caused by a missile, based on a small fireball that can be seen on the left side of the video just before the massive explosion, but from what I see that fireball seems to be a small flare up or small explosion that triggers the larger one – similar to the theory of what happened to the space shuttle Challenger.

Conspiracy theorists can link anything to anything.  Some still believe 9/11 was an inside job and that a missile hit the pentagon rather than a plane.  They believe the secondary buildings that collapsed on 9/11 were imploded with explosives – even though there is no way it could have happened without someone seeing the buildings being wired.  There are simply too many people that would have to be kept quiet.  And in this day and age, I personally don’t believe that’s possible.

All that being said – there are other incidents that seem to scream of government conspiracy.  There are at least 30 witnesses from the Benghazi incident that have still not surfaced and so far, to the best of my knowledge, no family members of those witnesses have spoken out either.  How much power and deceit must it take to cause that many people to remain quiet and out of sight even as at least half the country wants to find them?  I guess some of the conspiracy theorists might have a point.

Conspiracy theories seem to have increased in number in the last 20 years or so.  Some of them seem to have merit and others seem completely ridiculous.  I have no doubt some of them are accurate.  And we will probably never know the truth about most of them, except those that are completely unbelievable.  I have no doubt the government hides and covers up many thing and keeps them hidden from the public.  I still don’t believe they are involved in everything but I might be surprised at the truth. 

Glenn Beck has stated he has evidence that the Boston bombings were an inside job by the federal government and, if the President doesn’t admit it by Monday, he’ll make the evidence public.  Some people believe Beck is simply a loud mouthed nut.  I personally have never seen Beck make any statements without evidence to back it up.  So it will be interesting.  I would caution Beck, however.  When Andrew Breitbart threatened to go public with information damaging to the Obama administration he died very suddenly.  Watch your back, Glenn.  You never know who else is watching it…


  1. And the more famous Beck get's the more those in the shadows will give him information.

  2. Let's hope he's still alive on Monday....