Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Time To Ban Jeeps And Hummers!!

In the aftermath of the Boston Marathon bombings, mainstream media and left-wing politicians are focusing once again on more gun control laws, pretending that more laws and increased background checks may have prevented what happened.  They even refer, trying to prove their point, to the fact that the two bombing suspects didn’t have licenses to own or carry firearms. 

Wait…  huh?

Just as in the case of the Newtown school shooting, the perpetrators of these crimes made illegal bombs and obtained their guns through illegal means.  So maybe one of these people who are screaming for more gun control and more background checks can explain to me how these proposed new laws would have prevented any of it from happening. 

Anti-gun zealots either don’t understand or refuse to understand the simple logic that people with criminal intent don’t often obey the laws we already have.  So without that understanding (or simply by ignoring the fact) they believe more and more laws will somehow cause criminals to conform.  I’m reminded of something I saw on the internet a couple of weeks ago…  “’If and when the government outlaws guns I will immediately turn mine in’ – said no criminal, ever.” 

President Obama and the Democrats, in response to gun violence in the last year or two, have decided that more laws and regulations directed against law-abiding citizens will keep crazy people and criminals from committing horrendous acts.  If they truly believe this they are embarrassingly na├»ve.  If they know the truth and want to pass the laws anyway they are dangerously deceptive and insidious. 

Many are trying to focus on the banning of “assault weapons” (semiautomatic rifles modeled after military weapons) saying there is “no need for military style weapons on our streets.”  This is a huge deception being perpetrated against the American people.  AR-15 rifles are no more dangerous than any other semiautomatic rifle.  They both shoot the same way – one bullet for every trigger pull.  The fact that they look like a military weapon only matters to people who are blinded by ignorance or stupidity.  Using that logic – Jeeps and Hummers should be banned from public streets because they were originally created for the military.  We certainly don’t want military vehicles on our streets.  At least – that’s what the President says.

The ban on military style weapons didn’t work to lower crime rates or gun violence in the 90s and it won’t work now.  Banning large capacity magazines will simply make evil people bent on gun violence to carry and load more magazines.  Not that big of a deal for someone with firearm experience.  And it’s already been well established (are you listening anti-gun zealots?) that criminals do not obey the gun laws anyway.  So how is taking guns away from law abiding citizens going to prevent gun violence?  Simple…  it isn’t.  Criminals are still going to have guns and the rest of the country will quickly turn into Chicago.  Chicago has more gun laws than anywhere else in the country yet they have the highest murder rate in the nation.  It’s working well, huh?

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  1. I will turn in my Jeep as quick as I will turn in my weapons, said no Patriot ever.