Monday, April 15, 2013

Wonder What He'll Call This Attack....?

Once again our nation has been attacked.  This time it was an attack against innocent people watching the Boston Marathon.  Cowardly bombers (not even suicide bombers this time) detonated homemade explosive devices in crowds of onlookers, killing at least two and injuring at least a hundred others.  How horrible it must be to live your life with the desire and intent to hurt or kill innocent people.

The police are looking at a Saudi national as a person of interest.  My guess, and it’s simply a guess, is that this Saudi national is not a Christian.  I won’t speculate on what his religious beliefs are because I think most of us can decipher that for ourselves.  And I don’t think, regardless of what some of my more liberal acquaintances might say, that I’m being racist or bigoted when I say his religious beliefs, if verified, won’t surprise me.  I don’t know too many Christians who go around blowing people up or murdering people.  Sure – there are a few who claim to be Christians, such as Eric Rudolph or James Kopp, but they are the exception rather than the rule.  Acts of terrorism by that unnamed religious group happens nearly every day, somewhere in the world.  There’s a difference.

The act of blowing up innocent people in the name of hatred is cowardly – at least for those who order it done.  There is nothing cowardly about strapping a bomb to your own body and detonating it while still wearing it.  I doubt anyone reading these words would have the courage and conviction to carry out an act like that.  But to order someone else to do it, or to order that bombs be placed in strategic locations with the intent of killing or maiming as many innocent people as possible, is the act of a coward.  Osama Bin Laden was a coward.  He ordered the murders of thousands of innocent people, all the while hiding out to avoid being held responsible for his actions.

Islamic jihadists have the intent, for whatever reason, to kill as many non-believers of Islam as possible, with the promised reward of 72 virgins in their afterlife (among other things).  They take their responsibility seriously.  And killing seems to be something they do well.

Whether it was an Islamic terrorist attack or a domestic attack, I do hope the President will call it what it is.  So far he has said it’s “a tragic event”.  And if it turns out to be an act of Islamic jihad – and the President refuses to call it what it is, he needs to resign because it will be obvious he no longer has the best interest of the American people at heart.  (The last terrorist attack on American soil during Obama’s watch was the Fort Hood shootings, which Obama and Holder deemed “workplace violence.”  Obama shouldn’t have survived the publicity on that one but the main stream media protect him at all costs.)

One of my friends today posted a picture of the back window of an SUV.  On the window someone had written “When Al Qaeda hits us again remember – the DHS was watching me.”  That sounds about right.  Janet Napolitano says our borders are secure and the President says Al Qaeda has been diminished.  Oops.  I guess someone might be mistaken.  Of course, it certainly won’t surprise me if the Obama administration and Big Sis Napolitano come up with some minimizing description of the event that doesn’t acknowledge what it truly was.  That’s how they roll.  Lie to the people at all costs to protect their reputation.  And sadly, many Americans buy it.

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  1. Want to bet, if this man is a Terrorist, he will not be labeled or prosecuted as a Terrorist under this Administration?