Saturday, March 30, 2013

Jesus Is Alive And Well

Jesus Christ is alive and well and living in Fort Worth, Texas!

That was an opening line of a sermon I heard in 1979.  The only difference was that I was sitting in the base chapel at the Air Force Academy in Colorado, so the chaplain said Jesus was living at the Air Force Academy instead of in Fort Worth.  Thirty-four years later I still remember him saying that.  Think it made an impression? 

Jesus has followed me around the country and the world my entire life.  I began following Him at about age 14 but He was there with me from the beginning.  Funny thing – He never got tired of moving from place to place following me around.  As long as I turned to Him for everything, he was happy to be there.  And even if I didn’t turn to Him, He was right there, waiting patiently.

Tomorrow is Easter.  Over 2000 years ago, it was the day our Lord rose from the dead after sacrificing Himself for all of mankind - taking all the sins of the world onto His shoulders and becoming the lamb slaughtered on the alter to forgive us of our sins, even today.  He did that long before He knew me but He did it for me.  And for you.  And because of Him we shall live.

“Greater love hath no man than this - that a man lay down his life for his friends.”  - John 15:13.

The Bible assures us that believing in Jesus Christ as our savior will bring us life eternal.  The death of our earthly bodies will be the beginning of our spiritual life everlasting.  The Christian celebration of Easter is our reminder of that promise and the reminder of the intense suffering and pain he endured to ensure that salvation.  No man should ever have to suffer as Jesus did, yet He did it voluntarily as the Son of God.

On this Holy day of celebration may we reflect on His sacrifice and what it means for each of us.  God came to Earth as a man to give His children eternal life.  We didn’t deserve it and we certainly don’t deserve it today.  But if we believe, if we accept His sacrifice for us, we will one day live with Him in paradise.  Imagine the stories He can tell and the answers we can get to things we’ve always wondered.  I always find it fascinating to talk to elderly people and listen to their stories.  Can you imagine having a conversation with God?

On this glorious and triumphant Easter Sunday let us all rejoice and remember - Jesus Christ is alive and well and living in (fill in your town if He’s there with you)_!!!

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