Sunday, March 24, 2013

Even RINOs Can Get It Right Once In A While....

Any of you who have read my rantings over the last 30 months or so have figured out by now that I’m not a big fan of Lindsay Graham, “Republican” Senator from South Carolina and seemingly new BFF of John McCain.  I think they’re both mostly RINOs, “Republicans In Name Only”, because of some of their views.  But last week, on Greta Van Susteren’s show, Graham said something about Benghazi that hit home and about which I agree with him.

Senator Graham made the following statement:  “If Benghazi had been a good news story (for Obama) you'd have seen the survivors by now.  The fact that we haven’t seen them says a lot about this story.”

I have said from the beginning that the survivors of the Benghazi attack should be testifying before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and Congress.  They are the ones who know what really happened, first hand.  Yet it seems they have been barred from talking about it.  Some are in hospitals under assumed names.  The others are being hidden and when Senators and Congressmen ask for their names and locations so they, the politicians, can talk to them, they are denied.  Why would that happen unless there is something to hide?

The entire Benghazi incident has been a fiasco for the Obama administration since day one.  They paraded Susan Rice on the weekend talk shows to give false information to the American people.  She ultimately lost her chance of becoming Secretary of State because she was set up to take the fall.  I truly hope she got something worthwhile out of it.  (In the Clinton administration she’d have probably been dead by now.  Just sayin’….)

The Obama administration has yet to answer questions about Benghazi.  Investigations have shown that the entire incident was not only handled badly by the administration but it could also include weapons being supplied to rebel forces by the United States.  And gee…  that would be a good reason for a cover-up, would it not?

Has the President ever acknowledged publicly that Benghazi was a terrorist attack?  He blamed the video for so long – even after the rest of the world (including his own administration) knew the truth and talked openly about it.  I’m not sure I ever heard Obama “Of course it was a terrorist attack.”  It could be that I simply missed it but I don’t think I’ve heard him say it out loud.
One thing I will give Lindsay Graham credit for is for his doggedness on the Benghazi issue.  He hasn’t given up trying to get answers from the administration.  Even after Hillary Clinton, testifying as the Secretary of State, said “What difference does it make at this point?”  I hope people remember that question when she starts her campaign in 2015.  But she’s Hillary Clinton.  She’ll probably get a pass.


  1. You are correct, even RINOS and NEOCONS can appear to make some valid claims at times, but this is no makeup for their anti constitutional stand on every other issue, I wouldn't have a problem with a RINO if they would at-least speak for the people instead of themselves. Heck, I might even have respect for a democrat if that happened.

  2. Even liberals get things right occasionally... although for the life of me I can't remember the last time it happened.