Wednesday, March 20, 2013

ICE Director Hammered in Congress While Harry Reid Says Something Stupid... Again

In the House Judiciary Committee yesterday, Congressman Trey Gowdy, (R), South Carolina, grilled ICE Director John Morton and some other DHS officials about the release of about 2600 illegal aliens from detention including several Level 1 offenders, who are classified as aggravated felons.  Gowdy, a former prosecutor, pointed out how inexpensive the actual detention costs were, at about $600 a day for all of those released.  He demanded to know why ICE didn’t try to save money elsewhere to avoid putting the general public at risk. 

Director Morton took offense to one of Gowdy’s statements and tried to correct it (to his own way of thinking) to which Gowdy responded “You can use your own time to talk about that but not mine.  Answer my question.”  Clearly Congressman Gowdy was upset at the actions of ICE, which ICE blames on sequestration cuts, even though most of those releases happened before the sequestration took effect.

In a news report last evening Congressman Gowdy stated that ICE received more funding from Congress in their 2013 budget than they had requested to run the agency for the year.  Then, when the sequestration cut 2.4% from that already oversized budget, they released 2600 detainees blaming the sequestration cuts.

The actions of ICE in this matter are merely more evidence that the Obama administration is trying to make the impact of the sequestration as painful and draw as much adverse attention as possible.  There is e-mail evidence that this is the intention.  Unfortunately for the President – the American public is not blaming solely Republicans for the problems.  They’re blaming Congress in general.  Unfortunately for the American people – they’re not blaming the President, who is as much at fault as anyone.

In other news, Harry Reid made a speech yesterday that insinuated the deaths of 8 Marines in Northern Nevada Monday night by a prematurely exploding mortar round was because of cuts in training due to the sequestration.  He didn’t come right out and say it.  Instead he indicated that this type of thing could become more frequent due to the sequestration cuts.  The last major statement Harry Reid made was that Mitt Romney hasn’t paid taxes in over 10 years – which was also nonsense. 

Several times a year Harry Reid has to say something really stupid for reasons known only to him.  Sadly, the people of Nevada continue to re-elect him.  Maybe it’s something in the water.  Reid is an idiot, straight up.  I will never understand how he became a Senator in the first place, let alone gets re-elected.  But people in California keep re-electing Nancy Pelosi too.  So there you go.

I’m truly glad I’m not a liberal or a Democrat voter because I would be very embarrassed by the people in office today.  Certainly there are Republicans who embarrass me…  (Lindsay Graham comes to mind), and I criticize them as well.  But give me a good conservative anytime.  At least most of them still exhibit some common sense.

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