Tuesday, March 19, 2013

When Doom And Gloom Doesn't Work - Make Jokes

“If you have chairs, please…. sit down. I’m sorry.  I thought maybe it was the result of the sequestration - you didn’t have chairs.”

Those words were the President’s the other day in Argonne, Illinois as he delivered a speech on clean energy (one of his dramatically failed policies.)  The President was making jokes about the sequester.

Just a week and a half ago he was telling all of us that the sequester was nearly the end of the world.  He spent days telling us that firefighters, police and even teachers would be laid off.  He said the borders would be less safe because agents would have their hours cut.  And he said that U.S. Attorneys would have to dismiss cases and release criminals.  What he didn’t say (but what actually happened) was that ICE released several thousand illegal Democrat…  I mean aliens, citing sequester cuts – before the sequester even happened!

Then, when the sequester did happen and the world as we know it didn’t come to an end, he said “We can work through it.”  Interesting, huh?  Now, when the President didn’t get his new tax increases and the Republicans didn’t cave in to him, we can work through it.

And now his exaggeration of the impact has become apparent and there is evidence to show he and his cabinet are working to make it as painful as possible for the average American to turn the people against the Republicans, he’s making jokes about it to try to steer public opinion away from his failures.  And sadly, for most liberals, it’s working.

In keeping with his liberal beliefs, the President does not believe in fiscal conservatism or spending cuts.  His actions and statements indicate he truly does not care about the national debt or deficit which, if unchecked, will bankrupt the USA in a few years.  His debt right now is projected by the CBO to be over $20 trillion by 2016.  Can we afford four more years?

President Obama has stated more than once in the last few weeks that we “do not have a spending problem.”  He’s correct.  We don’t have a spending problem.  Our government is really good at spending and borrowing and spending more.  So it’s not a problem.  Except for our children and grandchildren who will have to either pay back the debt or see their nation fall into poverty and failure.  But Obama won’t be President by then… unless he decides to declare martial law and take over the country, as has been hinted.  Of course, liberals said that about George W. Bush too.  And that didn’t happen.  In fact, Bush has been far more gracious and respectful of Obama than Obama has been to him.  I guess that shows you the difference in class and character between the two.

Jay Carney was recently asked by one brave reporter in the White House Press Corps (he’s probably gone by now) if Obama was going to cut back on tax-payer funded vacations since the American people have seen their household income drop and have had to cut back on vacations, food, luxury items, etc.  Carney’s response was “The President has made jobs and the economy his number one priority.”  He talked for about two minutes and didn’t say anything more than that.  And he never did answer the question.  Apparently the President does enjoy the “It’s good to be the king” philosophy.  Golf lessons with Tiger Woods while his family goes to Aspen certainly indicates that sentiment.

Now, I know some of you will say “The President deserves his vacations.  He works hard under a lot of stress.”  And you know what?  I’d agree with you.  I too believe he deserves vacations.  But his last vacation involved him going to Florida to play golf with Tiger Woods and his family going to Aspen to ski – both of which cost the taxpayers millions of dollars.  He has invited several celebrities (including Beyonce) to the White House for Michelle’s birthday celebration.  Again – I have no problem with that – as long as I’m not paying for it.  If he’s spending taxpayer money for it then I object.  But if the White House can’t afford to pay a few tour guides how can they afford to pay for the extra security for Michelle’s big bash?

Not that my objection would make a difference.  The President does what he wants.  George W. Bush took vacations.  He went to his ranch in Texas.  The cost was less than half what the Obama’s pay for their vacations to Hawaii, Martha’s Vineyard, etc.  Bush even quit playing golf because he felt it wasn’t right for him to be on the golf course while our soldiers were dying on the battlefield.  And even after the sequester, President Obama not only keeps playing golf and taking those expensive vacations.  I guess it’s true… it’s good to be the king.

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