Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Pope Francis Time Magazine's "Man Of The Year".... ?

Pope Francis was recently named by Time Magazine as the "Man Of The Year." That's quite an honor, I suppose, if you are sympathetic to Time Warner's liberal agenda.  But this is the Pope - the leader of the Catholic Church.

One can't help but wonder why Pope Francis was selected since he stands for almost nothing that Time Magazine stands for. The Pope is against gay marriage. He is against abortion and he is against artificial birth control. I guess what got him the "honor" was his speech last week about the evils of capitalism.

I'm not sure why the Pope is against capitalism.  That's how the church makes a lot of its money.  The Catholic church is one of the largest landholders in the world.  According to "", the wealth of the Catholic church is so vast even the Vatican doesn't know exactly how much they have. Between land holdings, gold, priceless art and investments, they're not hurting in any way. Not to mention the money from parishioners around the world in the forms of tithes, offerings and gifts.

From "":  The Vatican’s portfolio includes property in London, including the building housing Bulgari Jewelers, and apartment buildings in Paris and Switzerland.  There is no doubt that between the church’s priceless art, land, gold and investments across the globe, it is one of the wealthiest institutions on Earth.

So the Pope is speaking out about capitalism but the church became (and stays) wealthy directly because of it. And for that matter - so does Time Warner.  Where would Time Warner be without capitalism?  If no one bought their products and services on the free market they wouldn't exist as a company.  Unless, of course, they were owned by the government and people were forced to buy their products and services.  But if that was the case, their CEO wouldn't be getting overly wealthy nor would they be selling shares of the company.

I have to laugh when I read about liberal businesses and liberal millionaires in general speaking of the evils of capitalism. Of particular interest are celebrities who shout about the evils of capitalism, all the while taking in millions of dollars from that very system.  For what is a movie or a music album but a capitalistic venture?  If people don't buy the products, the celebrities are out of jobs. How stupid (or cunning) does one have to be to put down their very livelihood as evil and demand it be done away with? 

I heard on the radio today the other people who were on the consideration list for Time's Person of the Year.  Those names were Edward Snowden, Bashar Asaad, Kathleen Sebelius and Miley Cyrus.  Some people believe Edward Snowden did a good thing and is a hero.  I personally don't.  But man of the year? He stole secrets and fled the country. That makes him a traitor in my book.

Bashar Asaad - the Syrian dictator guilty of genocide of his own people? 

Kathleen Sebelius.  Can you say Obamacare web site?

And Miley Cyrus?  What's she going to get it for?  Twerking on national television? Please.

Well, the Pope certainly was in good company, huh?  It remains a mystery why he actually got the selection. I guess I'll have to read the article about it. But then - I'd have to commit capitalism to buy the magazine. And Time Warner certainly wouldn't want that, would they?

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