Sunday, December 29, 2013

Political Ramblings On A Sunday Afternoon...

With apologies to 'Jay and the Americans'....

Taxes are going up...
Something the President denied
He lied....  He lied.

"The debt won't increase..."
Something the CBO decried....
He lied.....   He lied.

About the only thing the President promised about Obamacare is that insurance companies have been forced to cover those with pre-existing conditions. Not that I'm against that particular thing. I think people who are ill should be able to get either insurance or assistance from the government if insurance is not an option. Forcing the insurance companies to cover pre-existing conditions only forces consumer prices to increase. So I personally believe the government should assist those with pre-existing conditions. Some may disagree.

Speaking of Obamacare - I went to pick up a prescription for my wife yesterday at the pharmacy. She's been on this particular medication for just over two years. It has always been $40 each time, after insurance. Yesterday I was told her insurance was no longer paying the same amount for this medication and her cost has gone up 200%. Her cost is now $120.

I heard a report yesterday that said 41% of Americans who receive Obamaphones aren't properly vetted as to income or other requirements before receiving them.  The stores that issue Obamaphones are supposed to verify that the person receiving the phone meets the qualifications set up by the government. But those stores receive monetary compensation for every phone they issue so they often skip the qualifications verification and issue the phones to anyone to get their compensation.

Basically this means we, the taxpayers, are shelling out big bucks to give free phones to people who aren't supposed to receive them. Like many other things going on in the Obama administration there seems to be little oversight for the Obamaphone program.  

Finally, it occurred to me that the new budget bill is rather like Obamacare in at least one way. The bill is going to cut billions from military retirees, much like the billions cut from medicare, but those cuts won't take effect until 2016. You have to love our politicians that screw us over but they make sure it doesn't happen for a while - so we have time to forget about it until it actually happens.

I'm really tired of politicians that make promises then don't deliver. I guess that's the reason I like Ted Cruz, Rand Paul and Mike Lee so much. They are doing exactly what they said they would do in Washington regardless of what the Republican establishment says to or about them. I would include Marco Rubio in that group but his flip-flopping on immigration reform has me a little concerned. He may be added at a later date depending on what he does from here on.

2014 promises to be interesting if nothing else. Predictions now are that Republicans could take the Senate in November. I think if they play their cards right and don't pull any punches during their campaigns that's a very real possibility. The Obama administration and Harry Reid have given Republicans all the ammunition they need to win in 2014 and 2016 - as long as they don't run cowardly campaigns like McCain and Romney did. Tell the truth about Obamacare and the Democrats and 2014 should be in the bag. Tell the truth about the Obama administration's failures and Hillary Clinton and 2016 shouldn't be a problem either.

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