Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Gotta Love Automation...

Since we moved into our new home we are still learning about certain aspects of the neighborhood.  Today we need to learn about disposal of yard waste.  We've been pruning some trees, digging up some bushes and other plants we don't want and now need to know what to do with them.  We've heard our trash collection company apparently does not take care of this.

So, at Arden's suggestion, I called them this morning just to double check.  I got this recorded message: "Thank you for calling Progressive Waste Solutions." (Just what I need - 'Progressive'.)  "Your call is important to us.  All of our customer service representatives are busy.  If you would like to receive a call back, press 1.  If you would like to stay on the line, press 2."

Now - maybe it's me, but if I just stay on the line doesn't that indicate I want to stay on the line?  Why do I have to push 2 if I want to stay on the line?  Don't I have to be on the line to push 2?

So after being prompted a second time, I pushed 2.  The new message was "Your wait time is approximately 16 seconds.  You are next in line.  Thank you for calling...."

So I wait the 16 or 20 seconds and get a customer service person.  She says "Thank you for calling.  This is Tina.  Can you please hold?"  Click

So after being on hold and being told I'm next in line the first thing they do is put me back on hold....?

Tina came back on the line and asked how she could help me.  I told her my situation - that I needed to know if they collect yard waste such as tree branches, bushes, etc.  She told me she didn't know - she'd have to look it up.  Then she told me the book really didn't say so she'd have to ask a manager.

She asked me what, exactly, I had that needed to be collected.  I told her "tree branches, bushes, etc."

"I know they have to be in 2x4 foot bundles," she said.

"So you do pick them up," I asked.

"I don't know.  I have to check with a manager."


She took my information and promised to call me back.  She said it could be a while because she didn't know when she'd get to talk to the manager.

So I'm waiting on a call back from Tina.  I think when she calls, and I learn that it's her, I'll say "Hi Tina.  Can you please hold?  Your wait time will be approximately 3 minutes..."

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