Friday, December 20, 2013

Bush Haters Are Slipping...

Yesterday I came across the following picture:

To my knowledge, President George W. Bush has done more to help our wounded warriors and to make them feel special than any other President in history. He gives them his time. He runs with them; he bikes 100 miles with them every year; 

he visits them in hospitals;

he even dances with them.

No matter what President Obama does during and after his Presidency - you will never see him do this. George W. Bush has a special love for our troops and for what they do and have done for our country. President Obama has never been in the military and doesn't like our military - regardless of how good they make him look.

Something that occurred to me when I saw the first picture was - the Bush haters haven't attacked Bush for his devotion to our wounded warriors. One can't help but wonder why. I can hear the comments now from those who simply can't stop hating Bush...

"Look at him - taking advantage of those poor guys by running with two legs. He should have his legs blown off...."

To them I would say "What have you done to help them?"

It truly hurts me to think some people in this country feel that way but I know I'm not wrong. The hatred that some on the left have for Bush goes beyond reason. Five years into President Obama's regime and Bush haters are still blaming Bush for the condition of the country and the problems we currently have. And that's a mental disorder.

I can't help but wonder if President Obama will ever be held accountable for any of the fiascoes that occurred on his watch. Benghazi, the AP phone records scandal, IRS targeting of conservatives, Fast and Furious, the Obamacare debacle, NSA spying, the law Obama signed giving him the authority to indefinitely detain American citizens on his say so...

Bush haters like to say Bush took away their rights with the Patriot Act. Obama has tripled the number of rights that were taken away from American citizens (just like he has increased the debt) and yet those same people praise him. It's truly unbelievable - even as I watch it happen.

Yup - the Bush haters are missing out on a great opportunity to malign him. I mean - where are the comments about him riding a bicycle 100 miles with the wounded warriors for a photo op? Geez - have you all laid down or something?

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