Friday, December 6, 2013

A Feeble Attempt At Subversion...?

I have been involved in a discussion thread on Facebook for the last couple of days involving a particular fan of President Obama pitted against some others who are not such big fans.  The conversation began when said Obama fan posted a derogatory article about Republican voters then pretty much challenged anyone and everyone to comment about it.  And when no one did he came back and called everyone cowards for not taking the bait.

Then, when people began responding  to him he began insinuating that we were all racists for disagreeing with him and with President Obama.  He would say things like "Why don't you just come out and say 'the real reason'  you don't like the President?  I will respect you more and I promise I won't get mad if you tell the truth."

Gee - did I misread the sentiment in that?  I called him out on what he said and pointed out to the group that he was an African-American liberal who was trying hard to play the race card but he wanted someone else to play it first.  He then attacked me personally (which basically proved me correct) and he attempted (and failed) to turn the entire conversation around and make me out to be the aggressor.  He denied making the insinuation then said anyone who uses the word racism (in any context) is a racist himself.  And he backed that up with the simple statement - "Fact."

We voiced our concerns with Obama and his policies.  We told him exactly why we feel the way we do about the President and what he's doing.  Of course, he would hear none of it.  Anyone and everyone who opposed his views was labeled an idiot or a coward. He then proceeded to say "Why don't you all just show your true colors?"  Another race baiting question - even as he denied it.

Needless to say the conversation got heated. He would make bold statements about someone in the group, or a generalization about all of us, then disappear for a while the rest of us tossed it around.  Eventually some of us began questioning the posts of others that weren't quite clear in their meaning.  Which I believe was the intention all along - try to turn us against each other or make us say something that turned the entire conversation into a racist rant.  Wait - I think I may giving him too much credit.

Anyway - none of us took the bait as he wanted because that's not who we are. We discuss politics and we voice our disagreements with politicians, up to and including the President.  But we base it on policies and actions rather than skin color.  And I guess some people just can't handle that.  Eventually he posted something with vulgarity in it and he was chastised by the page administrator for it.  And for now it seems he has left the page.

The discussion was good while it lasted.  Maybe he'll come back.  After all...  he told us five different times he was done with us and leaving - only to come back and post some more!

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