Friday, December 6, 2013

Is President Obama A Pathological Liar?

In the last few days it was reported that President Obama's Uncle Omar has been basically granted amnesty to stay in the country by a deportation court. Uncle Omar, who has been in the country illegally since the 1960s, has been declared moral and law-abiding by the court - even though up until now he has been an illegal alien.  The one thing he has going for him is that he happens to be one more illegal alien who is related to the President of the United States. Remember Obama's aunt - Zeituni Onyango?

In 2011, the White House said "There is no record of President Obama ever meeting Omar Obama." Then, about a week ago, The Boston Globe printed an article saying President Obama had lived with his Uncle Omar when he was going to school at Harvard.  Apparently Uncle Omar wasn't briefed on the secrecy clause - and on the stand during his hearing he told the court President Obama had lived with him for a time while in school at Harvard. Suddenly the White House was forced to admit the truth.

White House Propaganda Minister, Jay Carney, said that in 2011, a White House spokesman released a statement about the President's knowledge and association with his Uncle Omar without actually asking the President about it and, therefore, had released inaccurate information.  This time Carney ensures they actually asked the President and the President verified he had lived with his Uncle Omar in Cambridge, Massachusetts, when he first arrived at school. Interesting how the President and Carney admitted it only after Uncle Omar told the story on the stand during his deportation hearing.

I can't help but wonder why Obama fans, regardless of their stand on health care or income inequality or whatever, are OK with their Presidential choice lying to them on a regular basis.  Obama blatantly lied about people keeping their health care plans.  There are White House documents that show they had meetings about that very topic as far back as 2010.  And I'm sorry but you can't convince me that Obama said over 30 times in three years that "if you like your plan  you can keep it.  Period," and no one in his administration told him it wasn't true.  I simply don't believe he is that ignorant - to allow himself to be kept in the dark.  It doesn't fit with his modus operandi. President Obama is anything but ignorant and in the dark.  If he truly didn't know about all of the various things that have happened over the last few years then he is far more stupid than any allegation against George W. Bush.

And does anyone remember when Obama said the health care law would not cost the taxpayers anything? So far the website alone has cost nearly 1 billion dollars.  And it still doesn't work properly. Still have that blind faith?

So which is it?  Is Obama a liar or just stupid?  One CNN broadcaster last week said that all politicians lie and the American people continue to prove that Obama hasn't told enough lies to lose their confidence. When confronted with the overwhelming facts that President Obama lied about Benghazi, health care and his Uncle Omar - Obama supporters say "All Presidents lie."  I never once heard liberals say that when they were accusing George W. Bush of lying about Iraq WMDs.  Am I wrong?

I guess whether or not you can accept the lies depends on which side you're on. Liberals have already said they can live with the lies as long as it's Obama telling them. Do you realize how truly sad that is?

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