Sunday, November 24, 2013

The Joys Of Simple Things...

As some of you know I've been a little under the weather the last few days.  I caught a cold sometime on Wednesday last week and it got progressively worse until yesterday I was forced to spend most of the day in bed.  The cold lodged mostly in my ears and my throat.  My throat was incredibly painful when I coughed but to keep that cough from spreading to my lungs, I forced myself to do it.

Needless to say, after three days of laying around feeling miserable I was in need of cleaning up.  Since I feel a little better today I decided to shave and take a bath.  I normally prefer showers but today I wanted to immerse myself in hot water and just enjoy it for a while.

Fortunately for me, we have a deep garden tub in our new master bathroom.  The tub itself is about 24 inches deep but the overflow drain is positioned so you only get about 18 inches of water.  Not sure why they couldn't cut that in half and not force me to do without that extra three inches of water but the tub is deep enough that if I bend and cross my legs just right I can get about 80% of my body wet at the same time.  

Whoever wrote the song "No Man Is An Island" never took a bath in a too-small bathtub.

Anyway - I soaked, warmed up the water, soaked some more, washed myself clean, then emptied the hot water heater of it's warm water before finally getting out.  But I feel ever better than before (and even though Arden won't say it I know I must smell better.)  I'm not ready to go jogging but I do feel better.  It's amazing what a bath or a shower will do for you when you're not feeling well.  Of course, if you've got a fever (which I don't) getting out of the water can be a killer! 

So today I'm feeling better but still not doing much.  I'm not up to a lot of physical work yet and Arden doesn't want me going outside since it's so wet and cold.  So I'm mostly taking it easy, enjoying writing and Facebooking and laying around being somewhat lazy.  But hey - I'm clean!

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