Thursday, November 21, 2013

Martin Bashear Makes MSNBC So Proud...!

Several days ago, MSNBC talk show host Martin Bashear, took offense to Sarah Palin comparing our national debt to China to economic slavery.  Palin's comparison and explanation were spot on but Bashear, probably in an effort to boost his sagging ratings, lambasted Palin and became increasingly vulgar.  He called for someone to defecate and urinate in Sarah Palin's mouth for what she said.  Really?

Martin Bashear is the only one who has an inkling as to why he would say something like that and he later apologized for it - after video of his disgusting rhetoric went viral and people began criticizing him for it.  One can't help but wonder if he apologized because he was sorry he said it or because he was sorry it made him look like the pathetic liberal he is.

What's interesting about the whole thing is that MSNBC has so far done nothing to Bashear for this pathetic and unjust outburst.  They suspended Alec Baldwin from his new show for using an anti-gay slur but have done nothing to Bashear for making vulgar remarks about Sarah Palin.  (Yeah - I don't understand why anyone gave Alec Baldwin a show either but they did.  MSNBC.  Go figure.)  

Apparently what matters to them is the target.  Gays, lesbians, transgenders, liberals, atheists, Muslims, etc., are off limits and warrant punishment. But vilify a Christian, conservative Republican and that's OK, regardless of how disgusting your words are.  The fact that Bashear is still on the air proves that to be the case.  After all - he was insulting Sarah Palin, one of the true enemies of liberalism and, therefore, an enemy of MSNBC.  So why would they discipline him?  When you're a far-left liberal, morals and ethics apply only when speaking of friends.

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