Sunday, November 17, 2013

"It's The Law Of The Land!..." Or Something Like That

Last week President Obama made another one of his unilateral changes to the Affordable Care Act.  In the wake of millions of people losing their health care coverage because of his "wonderful" law, the President declared that insurance companies could stop cancelling policies that don't meet the new minimum standards for a period of one year so people would stop losing their coverage.

The President's supporters are touting his actions as benevolent and compassionate, putting the people ahead of politics.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  In reality it's a political move and only a political move. With a mid-term election coming up next November, President Obama can't have the American people angry and him (and the Democrats) because they lost insurance policies he guaranteed they would be able to keep.  So he merely switched the blame.  With all of the hoops insurance companies had to jump through over the last three years just to prepare for the implementation of Obamacare, they're hardly going to jump back through them to change things back and renew or replace cancelled policies for only a year.  President Obama knows this.  That's why he did what he did.  Now he can place the blame on the insurance companies and pretend he and his law had nothing to do with it.  And there are those who will believe him. Remember the Obamabots' motto...  "Let's just believe whatever he said last and go with it."

The interesting difference this time is that some Democrats are questioning whether or not President Obama has the Constitutional authority to make these unilateral changes.  Funny - they didn't ask that question the first five times he made changes to the law without consulting Congress.  I'm sure their questioning of their leader has everything to do with their constituents and their upcoming re-election bids.  It's difficult to win re-election when your constituents have become disillusioned with you and your boss.

I find it interesting that the main stream media isn't questioning Obama's authority to make changes to laws on a whim.  After all - Obama, Harry Reid, Democrats in general and the main stream media all proclaimed "It's the law of the land" when Republicans were trying to change it.  They seemed to indicate that the law couldn't be changed simply because it's the law.  Yet they praise Obama when he does it - even if he does it illegally.  Can you imagine what they would have done if Bush had gone around changing laws without going through Congress?  He would have been impeached.

So according to Obama and the Democrats - laws cannot be changed once they're in place.  And they apparently must be followed.  Hmmmm  I wonder why that doesn't include the Defense of Marriage Act? Or immigration laws?  How about the law that says there is supposed to be an approved budget every October?  And of course - the debt ceiling should never be raised because, after all, it's the law of the land. Right Mr. President?  Correct, Senator Reid?

Yeah - it's interesting how Republicans are wrong if they do something and Democrats praise each other if they turn around and do the very same thing that Republicans suggested.  Delaying Obamacare is a great example.  When the Republicans suggested it last month the Democrats were all about "It's the law of the land!!"  Last week, when they were afraid of losing votes, they began asking the President to do that very thing.

Look up "hypocrisy" in the dictionary.  You'll find a picture of your favorite Democrat.

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  1. watch out Glen! Obama can also pass a law outlawing you!