Saturday, December 1, 2012

Thank You To All My Readers!

When I first began my blog in September, 2010, I had just under 600 page views that first month.  That was my record.  I got close one other month but 594 was my record for over two years.  This month, November, 2012, I had 804 page views of my blogs.  That means I have quite a few more people reading what I write.  I just wanted to say thank you.

Many people disagree with the things I write, particularly when it's political in nature, yet they keep reading. Last year sometime I posted something that said I'm OK with people who disagree with me and OK with their comments and dissenting views.  As long as people are polite and courteous, I have no problem with them disagreeing with me.  To date - I have only deleted one comment by a reader I don't know and only because it was derogatory to the point of being rude. It was basically an attack on me.  And since this is my blog - I don't really have to put up with it.  As I've told others - if you don't like what I write - don't read it.  It's really that simple.

Anyway - what I really wanted to do was say thank you to my readers.  When I write something and post it, I always hope people will read it and accept my opinion, whether or not they agree with me.  Obviously, since I had 800 people read my posts this month, I'm getting my wish.  So thanks to all who follow my blog and/or read it if the topic interests them.  I appreciate it very much.

Tomorrow (or maybe Sunday) I'll be posting another blog about Christmas and Jesus.  I invite all to read it, whether or not you believe in God.  It will be informative to say the least.

Thank you all for reading my ramblings.  I am humbled and grateful.


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