Saturday, December 15, 2012

A Gringo's Third Christmas in Puerto Rico...

             A gringo's third Christmas in Puerto Rico...
                    ( A joint effort by Ruben Cuadrado and Glen Clark)

             Once again - here I am.....
             spending Christmas in San Juan.
             More morcilla, more lechón.....
             Never thought I'd be here this long.
             But what the heck, it's been fun
             going to the beach and taking sun.
             I've seen other gringo's go and come
             but I'm still here, drinking rum.

             Ten green weenies I've received -
             more than anyone can believe.
             The Warden says I'll leave one day.....
             but I don't think it will be right away.
             That's OK - I won't complain. 
             (But I'll probably have to change my name.)

             I have two new friends I hang out with now....
             "Chupa Cabra" and "El Venao".
             And people think I'm kind of strange
             'cause I wash car windshields for extra change.
             I'm trying to learn to dance merengue
             and I thank God that I didn't get dengue.
             I'm enjoying my time on the enchanted isle
             and that's good - since I'll be here a while.

             And now it's Christmas once again
             and this is the time we really have fun.
             "Parrandas" are beginning all over the island
             and people are getting drunk by the thousands.
             There's food and rum and pastries galore
             and people singing outside your door.

             "Parranda" - a party that comes to your home
             with people, music, dancing and fun.
             You don't know they're coming -
             you just have to prepare -
             and sort of hope they don't get there.
             If they come before twelve it's not so bad....
             if you're lucky you haven't made it to bed.
             But if you are the last to get this surprise,
             you won't get to bed until after sunrise.

             So as the season gets close with love to be shared,
             I'm not going to worry - I'm already prepared.
             I don't really care what time they will come.....
             I've already decided not to be home.
             I bought a ticket on a cruise to St. Thomas -
             and on Christmas day - on to the Bahamas.
             I'll party all night and sleep all day
             and then get the room cleaned up by the maid.

             There's a lot to be said for this Christmas tradition
             but you have to have a lot of ambition.
             I know this year I'm going to have fun
             but at my own pace - and I won't have to run.
             I'll miss my friends at Parranda this year.....
             as I sit on the deck, in the sun, with my beer.

             So Feliz Navidad - Merry Christmas to all.
             I need clothes for my trip so I'm going to the mall.

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