Monday, December 17, 2012

A Gringo's Fourth Christmas in Puerto Rico...

We're up to 1996....

Another Christmas, another year....
Can you believe that I'm still here?
Everyone thought that I'd be gone more Christmas in San Juan.

Overall, the year has been good for me,
with all the things I've done and seen.
I've traveled all around the island.
(Thank God I didn't get that job at Milan.)

I learned how to play the songs for parranda.
I went to Spanish class with Wanda.
Ten long days in Aibonito
and all we learned was "Ay, Bendito".

I went on home leave once again,
a chance to visit family and friends.
I lived through two more hurricanes....
Bertha and Hortense were their names.

After six months of waiting in my home
I finally got a telephone.
I turned in paperwork every week
so Shelly had a job to keep.

I've seen people leave for other places
with anticipation on their faces.
Little Rosa returned from the states
and Vargas went to take his place.

Santana, Tombone and Serrano gone,
and I'm still waiting for my turn.
We said good-bye to several friends.
(And Sicci Rodriguez resigned - again!)

Parranda this year just won't be the same
without our "leaders", you all know their names.
No "bomba", no quatro, no "Viejo San Juan".
When it comes to parranda, we're all sorry their gone.

Yes, this year has been an eventful one.
It's gone by fast, but it's been fun.
And, with the holidays on us once again...
Felicidades to all my friends!

                   G. Clark

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