Friday, December 14, 2012

More Race Baiting From MSNBC... Surprise!

Two days ago, asked about Susan Rice removing her name from the consideration list for Secretary of State in President Obama's next term, MSNBC's Andrea Mitchell made the statement "I think that this had become sort of an impossible challenge for her to be confirmed, that she realized that -- the White House realized it as well. I think they know that they are on good political solid ground," Mitchell said. "This is not going to ... help Republicans at all, the fact that a woman and a woman of color has been forced out of a confirmation process even before she was nominated." 

Andrea Mitchell seemed to be alluding to Republicans being racist and gender biased.  After all, Republicans have a history of preventing African-Americans and women from being Secretary of State.  Just look at the Bush administration.  Bush chose Colin Powell and Condoleezza Rice for his Secretaries of State and they were both confirmed by the Senate and served their terms.  Obviously race and gender bias played a huge role in their selection and confirmations.  Maybe Ms. Mitchell should study recent history a little before opening her mouth with alluded allegations.  Maybe she would have realized that not only did Republicans have a "woman of color" as Secretary of State but her name was Rice.  Hey Andrea...   Duh!

It is my personal opinion that Susan Rice got a raw deal, both from the administration and from Republican Senators.  I think the administration set her up to take a fall when the information she presented to the public proved to be fictitious.  Perhaps it was a test of her loyalty in consideration for being nominated Secretary of State.  Or perhaps they just didn't want more lies about the video to come from the White House since they knew the truth would come out eventually.  Although that's not a likely scenario given the fact that a week later the President fed the same crap to the United Nations.

I also believe John McCain and Lindsay Graham, while they may believe what they're saying about Susan  Rice, are misguided.  They're blaming her for the misinformation she presented when, as I have stated, I believe that came from higher up.  Should Ms. Rice have checked and verified the information before presenting it to the world?  Maybe.  But in all honesty, who would question information given to them by the White House if they're loyal to the President, as she seems to be?  On either side of the aisle?

That said - I don't believe that McCain, Graham or any other Republican Senator opposing Ms. Rice's nomination are fueled by racism or gender bias.  Misguided or not, I think they're simply convinced that her statements concerning the Benghazi incident were so egregious that she should never be allowed to represent the United States as Secretary of State.  And apparently that's no longer an option.

I must admit, given the President's penchant for appeasing Islam at nearly every turn, I'm quite surprised he would nominate a woman as Secretary of State since she has to deal with Islamic nations where women are held as second class citizens.  Can you imagine a female Secretary of State trying to negotiate with Iran?  She'd probably be lucky not to be imprisoned or killed. 

OK, I'm rambling.  Time to end this.  I wish the left, politicians, supporters of politicians, and the biased, left-wing media, would get over the race thing.  Sure, there are racists in this country - of all colors, creeds and nationalities.  But whether the left will ever admit it or not, everyone who opposes President Obama's agenda, policies and/or actions does not do so because of race or gender.  Turning everything into a racial issue is decidedly a left-wing tool to get what they want.  It's time for them to grow up and act like responsible adults.  Responsible adults discuss things without making silly, baseless allegations.

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