Wednesday, December 26, 2012

A Christmas Surprise...

Around 8 o’clock PM on Christmas Eve, Arden brought my guitar into the living room and asked – “Are you going to play something and sing for me?”  Tradition in her family is for everyone (or most people anyway) to participate in karaoke.  Her father has a karaoke machine in his house that we used a lot last year.  We were going to use the computer and simply download the songs from the internet, but that activity hadn’t started yet.

I was kind of in the middle of something at the time Arden asked and responded “Well, I wasn’t planning on it right now.  Maybe later.”  She said “OK” and took the guitar back to the bedroom.  I continued what I had been doing and paid no attention when she walked back into the room.  She was holding a brand new guitar case and I immediately knew what was in it.  A few weeks before Christmas I had mentioned, mostly in jest, that the local guitar store had a certain guitar on sale for a great price.  I never thought she would actually go there – I had mentioned before that I wanted a new one but thought that would be something we purchased in the future.  I was completely surprised and overwhelmed.  I laid the case on the floor and slowly opened it…

When what to my wondering eyes should appear

but the Martin 12 string that I held so dear.

It was tuned up, perfect and ready to play

and was by far the best gift I got on that day.

We never did end up singing that night

but I played for a while and it sounded just right.

Yesterday morning we got up and opened the rest of the presents scattered around the tree.  (I was the only one who got one present early.)  I repaid her (at least somewhat) with some rather nice gifts that she really liked but I don’t think I bowled her over as she did me.  I’m still in a state of disbelief even as I tell you about it.  I love my new guitar.  And I love my Arden dearly.

After the gift giving was completed I went into the bedroom and pulled out my new toy.  As I did I spied my old guitar sitting in the corner and had a great idea.  My step-son likes to play the guitar and sing with the family but he didn’t have a guitar of his own.  So I picked mine up and took it to him in the living room.  He may not have been equally surprised as I was but he was certainly happy with my decision.  I just thought it was a the right thing to do.

I hope everyone had a wonderful day yesterday and that you each got at least one thing you really wanted (along with socks, underwear and the usual “stuff” that people give on Christmas.)  After all – it’s about the birth of our Lord, love, family and giving to others, right?  It’s not the size of the gift but the love with which it’s given.  And Arden showed me her love in a very surprising and wonderful way this year.  Thank you, Baby! 

I’m thinking, if I start now, by next Christmas I may have put the idea into her head what I want next…

Have a wonderful Christmas season.

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