Sunday, December 9, 2012

Courage To Stand Up For Your Beliefs

I watched "Last Ounce of Courage" yesterday with  Arden.  It was everything I expected it to be and more.  The  message of Christmas and its true meaning, family and love were awesome, particularly in this day and time, when Christmas and Christianity seem to be coming under attack on a regular basis.   And the strong theme of standing up for what you believe in regardless of how difficult it is, is a powerful message.

After the movie I wanted to see where it was filmed.  There were some beautiful scenes in the movie with mountains in the background.  As I was watching the credits I began listening to the words of the closing song.  The song, I discovered, is called "This Is Freedom", by Justin Unger.  I enjoyed the lyrics to the point that I thought I'd share them here. 

This Is Freedom

The red is for the blood that flows, in places we've forgotten                                                                    The white resembles innocence, in some ways we've been lost in
The blue it stands for vigilance and holding fast to righteousness -  or have we lost our way?
The stars are for the memory, the glory and the victory where proudly we can say
Oh, this is freedom
This is freedom

Where strength and confidence collide, along the straight and narrow
When peace is found in sacrifice, by patriots and heroes
Where grace abounds and evil dies, truth resounds above the lies,
It's only found one way and here we are today
This is freedom

This rock we stand upon,
One nation under God,
This truth we can't ignore
This is freedom

A home that speaks of liberty, beyond our institutions
If this is a reality, then where are the solutions?
A place that we can stand and sing, the worship of our risen king without regret or shame
The hope of life eternally, we hold a light for all to see without a guilt or blame
It's what we claim, oh
This is freedom
This is freedom
This is freedom, this is freedom

Even though the fight is long, the enemy may wound us
The stripes are for the rays of hope, that never cease to lead us
Guide us home, this is freedom

Great movie.  Great song.  I recommend both.

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