Tuesday, November 4, 2014

We Voted!

Last night my wife and I set our alarm for 6am so we could get to the polls early. The polling places opened at 7am and we wanted to beat the crowds. When the alarm went off I was awake but Arden wasn't so sure she wanted to get up early after all. By the time she got up, we got dresses and had our coffee it was nearly 8:30. (Who can vote accurately without coffee...?)

Anyway - we traveled the five miles or so to our rural polling place and discovered we were the only ones there. Our neighbor directly across the street greeted us at the door. She was a volunteer polling assistant. We showed our IDs and our voter registration cards, signed our names verifying we were who we said we were and making an official notification that we were voting, and went to the voting booths. It didn't take long and as we were voting, more and more people arrived.

Our neighbor said we came at the right time. She said at 7am the line was out the door. That worked out well for us.

Today my wife and I cast our votes for a stronger Republic that is the United States of America.

We didn't cast our votes for socialism, more welfare and food stamps, bigger government and greater entitlement programs. We cast our votes for individual freedoms and the responsibilities that come with them.

We didn't cast our votes to allow our borders to remain open and for people to continue entering the country illegally. We cast our votes for border security and enforcement of our immigration laws.

We didn't cast our votes for continued and ever-increasing political correctness. We cast our votes for the freedom to disagree with anyone without being called a racist or some kind of "phobe" (attach your own prefix.)

We didn't cast our vote giving politico-religious groups the right to take over our nation and/or vilify anyone in the country who disagrees with them. We cast our votes for religious freedom that does not advocate violence against non-believers.

Today we voted for the separation of powers between the three branches of our government so that no one branch, particularly the executive branch, can do whatever they want whenever they want.

We voted against amnesty for illegal aliens and against any executive action that would lead us closer to that.

We voted against the government sticking it's hand even deeper into our pockets to take more money for those nearly 47% of Americans who depend in the Obama administration and the Democrats for a living.

We voted against the evil that is Obamacare.

We voted against a Justice Department that selectively enforces the laws of the land.

We voted against an Internal Revenue Service that targets political groups that oppose the President.

And we specifically voted to take control of the Senate from the irrepressible majority leader, Harry Reid.

We voted today to take back our country - not from a black skinned President but from the policies he and the Democrats have pushed in this country that have kept our economy from growing, kept us from expanding our own natural energy development (that doesn't involve the failing green energy programs), left millions more unemployed and out of the work force, and has reduced our overall national security.

We voted against President Obama and the Democrats. And we're proud of it.

We voted for the Republic that is the United States of America!

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