Monday, November 17, 2014

The Republicans Are Going To Do What???

On November 4th the American people sent a clear message to President Obama, the Democrats and the Republicans. That message was "We're fed up with ineffective leadership in Washington and we don't like the direction in which the country it moving. It's time for a change. It's time to let the Republicans try to fix things."

While Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid tried to spin that into "The American people said they want us to work together," anyone with a functioning brain got the message - particularly those Democrats who were voted out of office.

The Republicans heard the call. Immediately following the election they set about organizing their new agenda for 2015. Their first order of business was to decide who was going to lead the House and Senate come January. And that's where they began to show they didn't get the message after all.

In two moves that stunned many Republicans nationwide, the House and Senate once again elected John Boehner and Mitch McConnell to lead their respective houses. Neither of these fine gentlemen was desired as their majority leader by the people - the ones who voted for a change. Neither has the trust of the majority of the voters. Both are seen as weak by many.

They had their first shot at making serious and productive changes in the way they do things and they blew it. Strike one.

So what's their next project to prove nothing has changed? President Obama has promised to sign an Executive Order giving the equivalent of amnesty to just over 4 million illegals in this country "if Congress doesn't act quickly enough." He has had six years to work on immigration reform, including his first two years when the Democrats held all three branches of government. Instead of working on his reform he chose to push his piece of garbage highly questionable health care bill instead.

Now, with only 8 weeks before Republicans take over the House and Senate, the President insists that immigration be done before the end of the year because....  well, because after January 20th he won't have as much negotiating power as he currently has with a Senate majority.

The President has basically threatened the Republicans. He is promising to sign an act that many Constitutional scholars believe is unconstitutional and could lead to a constitutional crisis. And the President doesn't seem to be worried about it at all. In fact, he's all but challenging the GOP to stop him.

So what are the Republicans planning to do about it? One of their ideas is to institute another government shut down. You read that correctly. There is a temporary spending bill and a long term spending bill being created right now in the House. Republicans are actually talking amongst themselves about not signing a spending bill at all, allowing a government shutdown to prevent any funding for Obama's amnesty decree.

The Republicans lost big numbers because of the government shutdown just last year. Even though it was caused as much by the Democrats as the Republicans, Republicans took the brunt of negative public opinion because of President Obama, AFGE, and a liberal main stream media. Republicans were blamed and the people believed it. (That actually tells you how fed up the American people are with the Democrats since the GOP swept the mid-terms this year.) So now their first official act will be to shut the government down again? Really? Whose brilliant idea was that?

From all outward appearances it seems nothing will change in the new Congress come January. John Boehner and Mitch McConnell are starting off their leadership with bad ideas. They'll have the ability to push legislation through to the President's desk but if said legislation is bad are we gaining anything?

The American people need to keep a close eye on Washington - not only after January but between now and then. The President is working to make changes that could e detrimental to our nation and the Republican leadership is working to effect the same ol', same 'ol. We voted for change and action. If the Republicans aren't going to deliver we need to send them a clear message that they too can be replaced!

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