Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Dear Republicans....

Congratulations on your big victory last night. Americans sent a message to the President, to the Democrats, and to you. That message is "We're tired of our nation going in the wrong direction and we want you (the Republicans) to do something about it." So what are you going to do?

From the conservative standpoint, come January things will be better for several reasons.

1. As of January Democrats will no longer be in control of the Senate. Bills will actually go to the President's desk. It will be up to him to sign or veto the legislation - each and every one.

2. The Republicans will be able to prevent the President's liberal appointments to various offices, including the Supreme Court.

3. Harry has made it OK to go with a simple majority vote of 51 on many things. That will be a plus for Republicans now (although I truly doubt he'll leave it like that. You'll be seeing that change back in December, I'm sure.)

OK. Those are good things. So what else can we expect?

Already there are calls for the Affordable Care Act to be repealed. That's a good thing except... what is your alternative? What will you offer the American people who have lost their current plans? Health care reform - doing something to curb the ever-rising costs of healthcare for the average citizen, is something that should be a consideration. What will you do?

What will you do to help create jobs? Corporate tax cuts, combined with a repeal of the Affordable Care Act, will help. We have the highest corporate tax rates in the world. That's why so many jobs are going overseas. What are you going to do to fix that?

Anyone with a working brain knows that the "Republican war on women" is a creation of the Democrats. So that's not a problem. But honestly, forget about the whole abortion issue for a while. I'm not advocating abortion nor am I saying it's a good thing. However, I have serious doubts that Roe vs Wade will ever be overturned. The only way that will happen is if there is if all three branches of government are controlled by conservatives. That can't happen for at least two years. So focus on things you can do now, please?

What are you going to do about ISIS? The President's half-hearted air campaign is being waged to make him look like he's doing something. For the most part ISIS is laughing - and advancing. The White House has stated their goal is not to take back conquered territory but to stop them from gaining any more. ISIS apparently isn't paying attention because they keep advancing - even acquiring American made weapons from Syrian rebels that we are arming. They have established their caliphate in the Middle East with our President's blessing. What are you going to do about that?

The borders of our country are nearly non-existent and the President is threatening to make things worse. He has already stated he will sign an Executive Order to get what he wants in immigration reform. He really only has two options - to stop all deportation or to order the Border Patrol not to do their jobs. Or both. Both of them would be impeachable offenses since he took an oath to uphold and enforce the laws of the land. He hasn't upheld them very well so far. What are you going to do about it?

Ted Cruz (R-TX) wants to repeal Common Core. A great idea if you have an alternative plan. Our public schools were not doing well before Common Core. They won't do well after it unless you have a plan to improve them and the education system. What is your plan?

Conservatives in Washington have two years to learn to communicate their message of conservatism to the public and to lay out their plans for 2016 and beyond. You need a spokesperson who can connect with the people. Who might that be?

The Republican party is happy and united today. But what about tomorrow? In-fighting, attacks on Tea Party Republicans by the establishment elite, even underhanded tricks like getting Democrats to cross party lines to vote against your Tea Party challengers all are leading to the destruction of the party as it is supposed to be. Over 50% of Republicans believe the party needs to return to its conservative roots yet the new conservatives (Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, Mike Lee) are ridiculed and condemned by the likes of John McCain and Thad Cochran, as well as by Republican pundits like Karl Rove. The American people want unity and conservatism, not progressivism and in-fighting. Get your act together!

The economy still sucks and we are nearly $18 trillion in debt. What are you going to do about that?

You won a major victory last night. But what's important is what you do from here. I would remind you that you won the House in 2010 but Barack Obama was still re-elected in 2012. We will be watching.

Again, I ask you.... what is your plan?

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