Monday, November 24, 2014

Awaiting Tragedy In Ferguson, Missouri....

The best possible thing for the innocent people of Ferguson and Saint Louis, Missouri, right now would be for the grand jury to indict Darren Wilson on some charge for the death of Michael Brown. It would mean the protests would have no real reason to become violent and out of hand and possibly the area would be spared the turmoil that is currently pending.

But would it solve the problem.? My thought is that it wouldn't. It might appease the protesters somewhat but if Darren Wilson is charged for false pretenses; if he's charged simply to maintain peace and order in the community and avoid a full scale riot, then justice has failed and when he goes to trial he will in all likelihood be acquitted. If and when that happens the rioting and violence against the innocents will still occur. Falsely charging Wilson now with a crime will only delay the inevitable.

It could be that the grand jury will find valid reasons to charge him. They've certainly got all of the evidence - or so we've been told. According to written articles, in an unprecedented case the prosecutor has presented all of the facts to to the jury - not just a summary so they can decided if he goes to trial. (Normally the prosecutor presents just enough evidence to convince the jury that there is just cause to indict someone. This case has been different all the way around.)

Wilson himself testified on his own behalf - another unprecedented occurrence.

Information supposedly leaked from the grand jury last week said the jury was leaning toward not charging Wilson because they have come to believe the shooting was done in self defense. No one knows if that leak is genuine but many believe Wilson did what he needed to do.

Not so among the crowds that have invaded Ferguson. They don't want to hear that Wilson may have acted in self defense. The protesters don't care about real truth and justice. They care only about their own truth and their own version of justice. Even if Darren Wilson is tried, if they do not get the verdict they want they won't be satisfied. The Brown's attorney, who claims to only want a trial to gain "justice", will not be satisfied if Wilson is tried and acquitted. Justice in their eyes has only one outcome - Darren Wilson convicted of murder. Facts do not matter in that case.

Some protesters, including members of the New Black Panther Party and other radical black activist groups, have threatened to "kill white people" if they don't get what they want. I believe many of the protesters want violence rather than justice. Some want an all out race war and are poised to set race relations in this country back 150 years. Is that really what they want?

I've heard the threats from the protesters. I've heard the demands of the protesters. I've also seen the idiot mayor of Ferguson give in to some of the demands, allowing the protesters to set the tone for their demonstrations. If the grand jury decides not to indict Wilson I believe there will be violence in Ferguson that will demand drastic and decisive action from the police, much to the disappointment of the Attorney General, who seems more worried about the protesters' not being impeded than the police protecting themselves and the innocent people of the greater Saint Louis area.

If Darren Wilson is exonerated things in Ferguson and surrounding areas are going to get really ugly really quickly. Despite Eric Holder's demands of the police, tactical units will not only be deployed but will use necessary force to resolve violence caused by the criminals and thugs in the groups. The criminals will get what they want - a fight with police. They'll also use the situation as an excuse to attack innocent people.

People are going to get injured. Some may even die. Residents who want none of the violence should stay indoors and away from the craziness that will ensue. The world is about to see what happens in the United States when an angry mob doesn't get their way and the President and Attorney General side with the mob rather than with the American people. It will be shameful at best - but just one more negative mark on the legacy of President Obama.

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