Friday, November 14, 2014

Shaking My Head In Wonder...

This one is going to irritate some and will downright piss others off. Some will be able to discuss their differences with me, some won't. Some will probably even boycott me. So be it. I tell it like I see it.

I read an article on Facebook today about a Walmart store in small town, Ohio, that was successfully petitioned by Muslim students at Miami University (of Ohio) to begin selling halal meats in their store so Muslims in the local area could find halal meats that conform to their religious beliefs. The local Walmart store complied with the petition and began selling the halal meats. Some "conservatives" on Facebook went absolutely crazy.

The article explained very well that this was a decision made by one store to accommodate local customers - a wise business decision if you ask me. But people became irate, as you can read from the comments copied directly from the thread (without names, of course). I didn't edit any of them...

THey already bowed to HALAL meats! Off my shopping list!


I think its just certain walmarts I work at wal mart and so far we aren't selling the meat if I ever see it in my store it will be my last day I will walk out right then

I shop threw Amazon and gave up on Walmart years ago.
Before everybody gets up in arms about this article.Has anybody cared to see if this article is credible or not?
The ones near me also do this, They sell it in a separate section. Just like the pricey Market Districts by Giant Eagle.
good we can behead the cashier if she to slow

ugly women cover they faces super, no more ugly fat chicks because they covered up
If this is what Walmart is going to do to appease muslims, than I'm going to pull my support of Walmart and shop somewhere else. Good-Bye Walmart!
instead of the hill-billies at Wal+Mart we are going to see Camel Jockie memes XD
Butt kissing Wal-Mart. Guess they'll find out how many white people don't like having Muslim cult beliefs shoved down their throat. There are some other great places to shop. They aren't as cheap as they used to be anyway. We will be spending our money at Dillons. Hy-Vee, Dollar Store, anywhere else.

BOYCOTTING Walmart. Hope their HOLIDAY sales hit the basement floor.
BY, By by Wallie World!

I finally had to respond: How easy it is to turn Americans against themselves. This article is about one store in one town in one state yet so many people on here are ready to write off Walmart for it. Just as they want to write off Home Depot for holding a training class at a store in Dearborn, Michigan, whose population is about half Muslim now. SMH

And I was attacked... which was the basis for this post.

Person who will remain unnamed: Glen - if you are to stupid to know that if they got it in one town it will spread. Wal-Mart has buckled under in this town and it will spread. Sam Walton would turn over in his grave. He was a good man and a wonderful Christian.

I rarely get irritated when people on Facebook attack me because many people are brave in cyber space - even if they're misguided, misinformed or just plain ignorant. So it was that I had to respond to the attack, but politely.

To "unnamed person..."  - that would be "too" stupid. If you're going to insult me at least use proper grammar. 

Second - Walmart sells kosher products for Jews. Don't believe me? Check out their supply of Hebrew National Hot dogs and/or Vlassic Kosher Dill Pickles. Is it OK with you for Walmart to violate the First Amendment of some Americans (that would be Muslims) because you don't like their religious beliefs? Really? The First Amendment protects everyone - even you.

Third - I doubt you speak with authority for Sam Walton. If he was a Christian (and I'm not doubting that he was) he would understand that the Bible says we are to love all people and treat them as we would treat ourselves - with respect and dignity. So don't play the Christian card on me. Christians do not hate.

Selling halal meats in this store was a decision made by the local manager. Because of your hatred you want to decide how the First Amendment is applied - to select groups approved by you. And who cares if Walmart nationwide decides to sell halal? You are not being forced buy it. You're not being forced to shop there if it means that much to you. But you know what you could do right now? Not shop in that one store. How simple is that?

Oh - and please don't try to insult me by calling me a liberal or something. A little research will show you I'm a very conservative Christian. And I happen to believe in the rule of law and the Constitution rather than fanaticism.

Have a nice day.

I understand people's anger. I really do. What I don't understand is their demand to enforce the First Amendment only according to their own religious and/or political views without regard for the fact that the First Amendment not only allows Muslims to be American citizens but protects their right to worship as they choose. It also protects (and lawfully demands) the right of Walmart or any other business/corporation to provide goods and services to people of all faiths. Do they really want to prohibit corporations like Walmart from meeting the demands of their customers based on religious beliefs? What happens if some evangelical Christian demands the removal of decorative candles that depict Catholic symbols? What happens if Christians in general demand the removal of Jewish foods and items? Are the prepared to take it that far or will the only discriminate against Muslims?

Liberals in recent years have been known for wanting to curtail free speech with which they happen to disagree. Yet here are professed conservatives wanting to do the same thing.  ??

These "conservatives" who claim to be "Christians" don't seem to have the whole Christian thing down. At least one "Christian" in the comments wanted to demand Mass every Sunday in the store. Setting the stupidity of the demand itself aside, (since Muslims aren't demanding their religious services be held in the store) some Christians don't believe Catholics are Christians, therefore bringing up another problem. In their world who gets to decide who is an "acceptable Christian" and who is not? Do you understand where I'm coming from with this? How fare do you really want to take this absurdity?

The bottom line is this - if you want to boycott Walmart because one store in Ohio decided to stock some items requested by Muslim customers in their store that is absolutely your right. If you think vilifying Walmart in the name of Jesus is valid then in my opinion you are misguided. Jesus wouldn't care one way or another if Walmart sold halal meats to Muslim customers. Jesus taught love and understanding of others. Muslims need to eat too. 

I really don't think Sam Walton would care either. Business is business.

Last week in Kroger I bought a can of coffee that came from Guatemala. Many of the illegal immigrants that are crossing the border are coming from Guatemala. We'd better boycott Kroger for selling that coffee! After all - no store should be selling coffee from a country that doesn't follow our beliefs and way of life. Oh, wait...

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