Monday, November 3, 2014


Tomorrow is a day that should be celebrated across the country. It's a day that allows Americans to choose how they want their government to proceed and who will lead it. Sadly, it has also become a day of misinformation, dishonesty and, in some cases, intimidation. For others it is a day of complete disinterest.

Election day for federal offices was set aside by Congress in 1845 as the Tuesday immediately following the first Monday in the month of November. This means the earliest election day can be on November 2nd and the latest can be November 8th (if the first day of November is a Tuesday.)

Eight states plus the US territory of Puerto Rico have made election day a civic holiday. In Puerto Rico bars are closed on election day and drinking alcohol in public is against the law - something that might not be bad to initiate here.

Television coverage of the vote is at an all time high. Reporters and exit poll workers hover outside polling places in hopes of getting information about which way the election is going before anyone else.

In 2008, members of the New Black Panther Party stood outside a polling place in Philadelphia in their uniforms, carrying sticks, and intimidated white voters in an attempt to help Barack Obama become President. The Obama administration, particularly Eric Holder, refused to prosecute the case saying it was blown out of proportion. It was the beginning of a long controversy concerning the Attorney General's attitude toward crime and prosecution in the black community.

Election day is the chance for Americans to change the leadership of the country if they're unsatisfied with what they see in Washington. Some people say it doesn't matter who gets elected, that both parties are the same and all politicians are the same, but I think Barack Obama has proved that assumption to be incorrect. Obama's famous "fundamentally transform the United States of America" speech was something that some people thought was a good thing. We know now that Obama's plan for transformation was not good for America.

Obama's transformation has given Americans less freedoms. Period. Let's look at a few examples:

1. Government spying on citizens is at an all time high. The NSA stores data from everyone's phone calls in the name of national security.
2. President Obama has given himself the authority to indefinitely detain any American citizen he deems a threat to national security without due process.
3. President Obama has given himself the authority to kill any American citizen on foreign soil that he deems a threat to national security or deems to be assisting terrorists.
4. The Obama Justice Department has secretly and illegally wiretapped phone systems of media agencies as well as the private phone lines of at least one American journalist and his family.
5. President Obama has intentionally left our nation's borders open, allowing hundreds of thousands of people, including some Muslims terrorists, to enter the country illegally.
6. President Obama has forced Americans to buy health care insurance or be fined for not doing so.
7. President Obama has caused many Americans to lose their health care coverage because the new law deemed the plans they had to be insufficient.
8. He has caused religion-based organizations to challenge the law in court because they were forced to pay for birth control medications they rejected on religious grounds.
9. President Obama has lowered the number of Americans who participate in the work force and has increased the number of Americans on government assistance by nearly 100%.
10. President Obama has reduced the standing of the United States as the leader of the world to being ridiculed and dismissed by many nations.

I could go on but this post isn't about Obama. It's about the election and the importance of voting. It is also, as he has said recently, about his policies.Republicans want to take control of the Senate to make it more difficult for President Obama to effect more of his changes on us. The President wants to grant amnesty to millions of illegal aliens, thus gaining that many new Democrat voters. It is expected that he will do so but only after the election so it won't hurt Democrats' re-election chances.

Some Democrats have already made public their intent to vote Republican in this important election to send President Obama a message. Republicans and conservatives don't care about their reasons if Democrats want to do this. The more the merrier. Republicans maintaining the House and taking control of the Senate is essential if Obama is to be stopped from making more changes.

Whatever you do - do not stay home tomorrow thinking the Republicans don't need your vote! Tomorrow is your chance to stop the madness! Republicans need your vote. The country needs your vote. It's time to stop the "hope and change" and bring some sanity back to the federal government!


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