Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The 2012 Campaign Has Already Started

One of the headlines on AOL on Sunday said recent polls show 6 of 10 people would not support Sarah Palin for President in 2012.  Another headline said basically the same amount of people will support President Obama for re-election.  Interestingly, the polls were conducted by NBC and ABC, two television networks who have blatantly been in the tank for Obama since he declared his candidacy.  While ABC hasn’t come right out and admitted it, last year NBC did.
How can one believe in the honesty of a poll that is conducted by a television network who admitted they not only support the President but basically helped him get elected?  NBC, particularly MSNBC, likes to harangue FOX News for leaning to the right, all the while doing whatever they can, admittedly, to promote and build up the current administration, even going so far as to ignore things that should be reported so they don’t make the Obama administration look bad.
There is no doubt the networks who make up the main stream media, NBC, CBS and ABC, are left wing organizations who attack Republicans and conservatives on a regular basis.  They spent eight years vilifying George W. Bush and everything he did.  NBC is definitely the worst.  Jeffery Immelt, the CEO of General Electric, (GE also owns NBC Universal) and he and President Obama are personal friends.  (Although it’s been rumored that Obama’s proposed Cap and Trade taxes, which would definitely hurt GE, are definitely putting a strain on the friendship.) 
From Chris Matthews getting a “tingle” up his leg from listening to Obama speak, to the President making a joke that in the middle of this night, if he needs an answer to something he rolls over and wakes up Brian Williams and asks him, there is no doubt that MSNBC is a huge supporter and propaganda machine for President Obama. 
While ABC is not quite as bad, some of their anchors are also fairly blatant about their support for Obama.  Charles Gibson, who I always liked and admired, proved to be biased on the left, as did Dianne Sawyer.  Neither have had that same “tingle” that Chris Matthews seems to get on a regular basis (I’m thinking Chris has a secret) but they do seem to promote ignore, just as the NBC anchors.   The mainstream media does not report the news as it happens but rather, they report their version of it, with disparaging information about Obama left out, or they simply don’t report it at all.
Most unbiased polls, like Gallup and Rasumussen, show Obama’s popularity below 50%, some even close to 40%.  These polls seem to dispute the NBC and ABC ones, since more than half the country disapprove of the job President Obama is doing.  I believe Sarah Palin is probably not electable at this time, but I doubt the numbers are 6 out of 10.  At the same time there is no way 6 out of 10 are in favor of re-electing President Obama.  Given the numbers on the other polls, those numbers just don’t add up.
Why anyone would believe a poll, that shows Palin doing so badly and Obama doing so well, that is taken by NBC, ABC, CBS or even CNN, is beyond me.  When it comes to politics, those polls are about as reliable as a poll by the New York Times.  Personally, I believe the media push has already started for Obama’s 2012 campaign and they (the main stream media) will say anything to put the odds in his favor, even at this early stage.  Right now I’d be more interested in a poll about Hillary’s chances of beating Obama in the Democratic primary.  That would be the interesting one.

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