Sunday, November 14, 2010

What the Election Was Really About

Nancy Pelosi says the election and the historic result was not about rejecting President Obama and his policies.  It was, rather, about the fact that President Obama’s agenda and progress did not happen quickly enough to create jobs. 
President Obama says the reason the Democrats lost so big was because he didn’t communicate his agenda well enough.  Rather than admit the American people aren’t happy with his agenda, he says he simply didn’t get the message out well enough for people to appreciate and embrace it.
These two people are very intelligent.  Neither could have gotten to where they are today if they weren’t.  So is this merel y denial of failure or are they really that out of touch?
Granted, Nancy Pelosi says some really unintelligent things sometimes.  Just a few weeks ago she said “Unemployment compensation checks are one of the best ways to create jobs.”  Really, Madam Speaker?  Unemployment checks create jobs?  For who - those who work in the Unemployment Office or the retailers who take the money in exchange for their goods?  The retailers see a big drop in sales because of unemployment and the unemployed certainly aren’t getting gainful employment from those checks.  So apparently it’s those government workers in the Unemployment Office who benefit from the checks.
The other day President Obama said he was very grateful to Nancy Pelosi for the job she did and that he looks forward “to working with both sides to move forward with the things the American people want.”  Unfortunately, President Obama either has no idea what the people want or he chooses to ignore their wants for his own agenda.  The American people did not want the health care bill yet the President and Pelosi pushed it through.  The American people do not want Cap and Trade yet the President and Pelosi pushed it through the House.  The American people did not want financial reform as written yet the President and Pelosi pushed it through.  So to what “American people” is he referring?
The fact is the results of this election were the American people’s rejection of the current administration and the Democrat agenda in general.  The American people have said, by their votes, they are fed up with government officials who do what they, the politicians, want instead of what the people want.  And if President Obama continues to ignore the wishes of the people, whether intentionally or by his detachment, his time in office will, without a doubt, end in 2012.  The President either believes he is right no matter the thoughts and opinions of the people, or he is being given some very bad information about what the people want.  Either way, his Presidency is on the line and he runs the risk of being named the biggest failure of all Presidents.  Maybe he doesn’t care.  He once said he’d “rather be an effective one-term President than an ineffective two-term President.”  I believe as long as Obama is accomplishing what he wants to do, regardless of the consequences, he feels successful.  And that’s a scary thought.
It’s time for politicians to start listening, really listening to the people and to be their representatives, not their dictators.  The American people want the best of everything.  Most want jobs instead of unemployment checks.  They want to know they are as safe as possible from attacks by those who would do us harm.  They want a President who believes America is the greatest country on Earth and who is proud and happy to be the leader of that great country.  They want health care to be the best it can possibly be without being completely unaffordable.  They want clean air and clean water without being taxed to death by the government.  And they want to know their government is there for them without being their big brother.
Is all this possible, you ask?  Of course it is.  Tax cuts across the board have been proven to create jobs by giving business owners the extra money to hire more people.  It worked for Ronald Reagan and it will work now.  Strength through deterrence is still the best method of keeping America safe.  We keep our military strong and let other nations and groups know we are not afraid to use that military strength to defend our interests should it become necessary.  And, if the need arises and we must fight a war, we fight that war to win.  Period.
There are numerous alternatives to government run health care.  Most government run health care systems are either bankrupt or are losing money and the quality of care is terrible.  Look at the programs throughout Europe.  The European governments are failing financially because of entitlements such as health care.  Greece is now telling their people they must begin paying for health care because the government simply cannot afford to continue providing it.
The Cap and Trade bill in Washington is not about clean air and water or preventing “climate change”.  It is about government control.  It is another way for the government to control corporations without actually buying them out, as in the case of GM and Chrysler.  As President Obama has said “It will make energy costs necessarily skyrocket.”  That should be enough right there to prevent it from passing.  But they will try.
Bigger government means more control over the daily lives of every American.  Health care, extended unemployment, more and more entitlements…  it’s all about making people dependent on government.  The government has grown substantially since Obama took office.  Big paying government jobs (over $100,000) have increased by almost 100% in the last two years.  Big unions have full government support to sustain their unsustainable pension plans.  Bailouts have become the norm and instead of finding ways to create real jobs for people, the government has simply raised the average unemployment rate to 9.6%.  Now there’s a great way to fix the economy, huh?
This election was about change.  It was about changing the way things are being done today in Washington.  One thing you can count on with the Tea Party movement is that any politician who doesn’t live up to his/her campaign promises to reduce government and reduce taxes and find a viable alternative to the current health care legislation will have a difficult time getting re-elected.  There will be those occasions when the American people will settle for the status quo.  Harry Reid comes to mind.  But for the most part, people are waking up to politics in America and will no longer sit idly by and let politicians do whatever they want.  It’s about time.

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