Friday, November 19, 2010

Terrorist Found Not Guilty on All But 1 Charge

A few days ago America sent a powerful message to the world:  “If you blow up our embassies, bomb our people, hijack planes and crash them into our buildings, decapitate our civilians or kill Americans in any other way, and you are part of a terrorist organization, you may be caught but you will likely get away with it.  We will afford you every right given to a United States citizen, give you several attorneys, and try you in a Federal court under the supervision of a liberal Federal judge who will not allow testimony from any witness he deems to have been tortured or treated unfairly while in custody, regardless of what that witness may have done himself.  It matters not what you do to us but that we make you comfortable and give you every chance to be found not guilty, even if you’ve admitted that guilt.”
President Obama and Eric Holder want to try Khalid Sheikh Mohammed in a Federal court in New York.  Mohammed, the admitted mastermind of the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Center, a participant in planning the 1993 bombing of the World Trade Center, and who has admitted cutting the head off of journalist Daniel Pearl, is still being held at Guantanamo Bay but Holder wants to move him to New York City and try him with all the rights afforded a U.S. citizen rather than as an enemy combatant in a military tribunal.
Khalid Sheikh Mohammed should be serving a life sentence already, if not on death row.  He has admitted his guilt.  Yet the Federal government won’t accept that guilty plea and instead will spend millions giving him a great defense team and a civilian jury.  And what happens if that jury finds him not guilty?  The man admitted his guilt yet he’s still waiting for a civilian trial. 
The latest word on the Ghailani trial is that he has grounds for appealing his conviction because he was convicted of conspiracy to commit a crime but found not guilty of committing the crime.  He was found not guilty on 227 out of 228 charges and one juror was holding out on all counts until a deal was reached.  That will be another reason for appeal.  It won’t be a big surprise if this verdict is overturned and he is found not guilty on all counts.
Of course, liberals all over the nation are saying, once again, that it’s George Bush’s fault because he allowed people to be tortured.  Waterboarding is not torture, regardless of what liberals think.  I’d like each and every liberal who thinks waterboarding is torture to explain it to the families of Daniel Pearl and others, and to the families of the soldiers who were dragged through the streets of Baghdad then hung from a bridge.  Please explain how a little water in the face is torture.  I’m sure those families will have something to say to you.
If I was President Obama I would be very worried about the next terrorist trial to be held in a civilian court.  If Khalid Sheikh Mohammed is found not guilty, or guilty of only one count out of what is probably hundreds, President Obama will most likely be run out of office or, at the very least, voted out in a landslide vote in 2012.  It will be his legacy. 

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