Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Arizona Anti-immigration Law for Profit?

NPR says a “months long investigation” into the Arizona anti-immigration law shows the law was conceived and written by private prison companies trying to boost their profits with Federal dollars.  That’s the insinuation of the headline, anyway.  They (NPR) say that state Senator Russell Pearce came up with the idea and took it to secret meetings in Washington where the American Legislative Exchange Council, a “secretive” group of state legislators and corporations and at least one private prison, drafted the legislation that was eventually taken to the Arizona governor’s office and was signed into law.  Of course, they also say that Jan Brewer has ties to the private prisons as well and that’s why she signed the bill into law.
We all know just how trustworthy NPR can be with the truth.  Just two weeks ago one of their top news commentators, Juan Williams, who has been with NPR for 10 years, was fired for speaking honestly about his feelings on another news network.  NPR has denied Williams was fired for appearing on FOX News so it stands to reason that he was fired for telling the truth, which NPR said “is inconsistent with our editorial standards and practices and undermines his credibility as a news analyst.”  In other words “We can’t have our reporters telling the truth.”
NPR, and other liberal pundits and writers, like to make it sound like these poor, peaceful, misunderstood, “undocumented immigrants” are being mistreated and facing discrimination and hatred by racists and bigots.  People who are against illegal immigration are simply haters.  We hate anyone who’s not like us and anyone who’s not from America.  At least, that’s what those on the left would have you believe.  And now, NPR wants you to believe the only reason the Arizona law was even written was to put money in the pockets of private prison CEOs.
NPR admits that even if their story is true, it’s not illegal and no laws were broken.  They report it just to inform the public of the “real” reason the law was written and pose the question “Why are people other than the Arizona legislators writing laws for the state?”  I can pose the same question about the health care law that was pushed through in March, against the will of the people.  Why would a private organization (The Apollo Alliance), containing numerous left-wing board members including the head  of the Steelworkers’ Union, the assistant head of SEIU, and John Podesta of the Center for American Progress (funded by George Soros), write the health care bill?  Seems to me if the President, his administration and the Democrats in general can get an outside organization to write national legislation, why would it be a problem for this group of state legislators to write an immigration enforcement bill?
The fact is, NPR is trying to make the Arizona law about money when, in fact, it is about murder, kidnapping, drug smuggling, human smuggling and the state being overrun.  The Federal government, in their wisdom, took decisive action to help alleviate the situation.  They posted large signs in Arizona warning people, Americans, not to venture into the area near the border for fear of their lives.  NPR likes to ignore that and only talk about how these poor people are mistreated.  Who will you believe – NPR or the dead, wounded, and kidnapped in Arizona and Texas?

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  1. I like your points about how "ObamaCare" was created. There is never a double standard as far as the left is concerned. Just their "perfect" way against anything common sense.