Thursday, November 4, 2010

Election Day 2010

With the results of the election mostly history, and only a couple of races still pending recount or clarification, history has been made in 2010.  The Republicans picked up a record 60 seats in the House of Representatives and 5 seats in the Senate.  The Republicans now control the House; the Democrats maintained control of the Senate. 
I listened to the President’s statement about the election results today.  (I rarely listen to the President speak because I get tired of his arrogant attitude and his lies as he pats himself on the back for what he believes he’s done well and blames Bush for whatever didn’t quite work the way he wanted it to.)  Basically he said people have the “perception that the government has become intrusive but what they really think is that the government hasn’t done enough.”  There are several explanations for Obama’s remarks.  Either (1)  He still just doesn’t get it, or (2)  He doesn’t care what the people really want or (3)  He is truly so arrogant he believes his own rhetoric.   Whichever it is, don’t expect to see any changes coming out of the White House in the next two years.
The main stream media has already opened the door for Obama’s excuses.  Two weeks ago they said a Republican victory would mean Obama could blame Republican obstructionism for anything he wanted to do that they prevented.  I personally don’t believe he needed this advice as he’s been using it since his inauguration, but they put it out there nevertheless.   I’m sure he is already lining up the excuses.
The President says he expects Republicans to work with him to get things done, knowing full well the Republicans want no part of his far left agenda.  That is why the Republicans won so many seats on Tuesday.  So Obama will ask Republicans to support things he knows they’ll refuse to do, then will blame them and call them “obstructionists” when they say no to him.
Last week the President indicated that anyone who disagrees with his policies are the enemy and even called upon Hispanics to “punish our enemies and we're going to reward our friends who stand with us on issues that are important to us.”  Apparently the President feels threatened by the fact that American people exercise their freedom to disagree with his agenda.  It’s under a tyrannical ruler that people are not allowed to voice their opposition to the government.  We’ve seen it over and over again throughout the world.  And while we as Americans still have that right for now, having the President call us “enemies” moves us in the direction toward that tyrannical government.  Enemies of the state will need to be dealt with eventually.  But how will he deal with it?
The people have spoken.  They are tired of government telling them “This is what we think is best for you so we’re going to do it regardless of your opinion.  Up to 70% of Americans opposed Obamacare but it was pushed down our throats.  People weren’t thrilled about the Financial Reform bill (after Obamacare) but it was also passed against the will of the people.  The stimulus package, supposedly putting over $800 billion dollars into the economy on an emergency basis (half of which still hasn’t been spent) also struck a sour note with the majority of Americans.   The people are tired of reckless, unlimited spending of money we don’t have. 
Today, while everyone was watching election results, the Federal Reserve announced it will be buying U.S. Treasury bills for a total of $600 billion, to “put money back into the economy.  Obama and his administration just don’t get it.  This type of economic stimulus didn’t work in the 1930s and it won’t work now but they’re going to try it anyway.  And the government of the Myanmar Republic tried buying it’s own debt years ago.  The result was disastrous to the country’s economy.
People still support Obama, watching what he does and either ignoring it or actually believing he’s doing something good.  I personally have a difficult time with that.  But that’s just me.

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