Saturday, November 6, 2010

I'm Tired Too

I recently read a blog entry from 2009 written by Robert A. Hall, a Marine, a Vietnam veteran and a five term state Senator from Massachusetts.  It was entitled “I’m tired.”  I thought I’d write my own using his as inspiration.  I’ll have to work not to plagiarize because everything he said I can echo.  But these are my own words even if they do echo some of his thoughts.
I’M TIRED of being told that if I distrust Islam I am an Islamaphobe.  Islam has proved that it is not a religion of peace.  Religions of peace do not behead people, for any reason.  They don’t stone women to death for being raped.  They do not kill their wives and daughters for “family honor”.  Nor do they try to kill anyone who does not believe as they do.  Democrats don’t even do that.  Religions of peace do not train their followers to become international terrorists, hijack planes and fly them into buildings.  I’m tired of hearing that if I distrust Islam as a whole because of the things that have been done in the name of Islam over the last 20 years, I’m a racist hater.
I’M TIRED of the government giving so many handouts and making it so easy for people to collect.  I worked for a living, sometimes two or three jobs at a time when it was necessary.  I retired after 30 years of government service and still work part-time when necessary to raise extra money.  I pay for my health insurance and my life insurance as part of my monthly expenses.
I’M TIRED of being told that I should help pay for those who choose not to work and for unemployed women to have baby after baby.  If you had a job and lost it for some reason, I don’t mind helping you out while you find another job.  But don’t decide it’s easier to live on a government handout than work because I won’t pay you forever.  Get a job even if it’s not what you’re accustomed to.  Get two part-time jobs.  Life isn’t fair but it’s even less fair for me to pay your way through life.
I’M TIRED of being called a bigot, a racist and a hater if I expect immigrants to enter the country legally and get a legal job.  America was founded and settled by immigrants but after laws were put in place, they came legally and worked for a living.  They made the country better by coming here and contributing to society.  People who sneak across the border, take jobs for cash without paying taxes, and eventually start getting handouts from the government do not deserve to be here and I will not apologize for wanting them to go back.
I’M TIRED of the government placing votes over the safety and security of the American people by not closing the borders.  I’m sickened by the fact that the government posted signs in Arizona and Texas warning people to stay away from the border area because they’re in danger from Mexican drug cartels and human traffickers. 
I’M TIRED of the government pushing legislation (i.e., health care) down the throats of a demonstrated majority of Americans who are against it.  Our “elected representatives” are supposed to do just that – represent us.  Somewhere along the line they decided they know better than we do and they’ll do what they think is best regardless of the will of the people.
I’M TIRED of people buying houses they can’t afford and then getting a government handout to pay their mortgages.  Once again, if someone loses their job due to the recession and they need a helping hand for a while, that’s fine.  But if they buy a home and can’t afford the payments, and knew that up front, they lose the home.  Period.
I’M TIRED of government bailouts.  This country was founded and prospered through almost two and a half centuries on the free enterprise system.  Sometimes it prospered more than others but it survived and it made America strong.  Now the government is buying up corporate stocks in an effort to keep companies from going bankrupt or out of business, even to the point of having a majority holding in companies.  That is Marxism, not free enterprise, and definitely not America.
I’M TIRED of unions having so much power they can sway elections and tired of politicians, particularly the President of the United States coddling them and giving them whatever they want.  Unions are one of the reasons American corporations are failing.
I’M TIRED of the government talking about bailing out the union pension funds.  The unions, in their great wisdom, created these unsustainable pensions for their workers and now, if there’s no money to pay them, the unions should fall. 
I’M TIRED of being called a racist, bigot, hater just because I disagree with the current administration’s policies.  I am a conservative.  I didn’t like Clinton’s policies and didn’t like Jimmy Carter’s policies but no one ever accused me of being a racist because of that.  The people of the United States elected the first black man to the Presidency, a feat that, in itself, was historic and monumental.  But they elected a far-left liberal.  I don’t care what color his skin is, I oppose his liberal views and policies just as I would have opposed Hillary Clinton’s liberal policies, or John Edwards’, or any other liberal politician.  If I didn’t oppose their views I wouldn’t be a conservative, now would I?
And finally, I’M TIRED of liberal progressives, particularly the elected President of the United States, thinking America is a bad country and apologizing for America to the countries around the world.  If you’re not proud of the United States, please feel free to find a different country you like better and go there.  We won’t miss you.  And yes, Mr. President, I mean you as well.

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  1. A good one- blast from the past. Just read this, 10-31-15