Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Bristol Palin Continues Dancing With The Stars

I’m finding great humor in the controversy concerning Bristol Palin’s continued presence on Dancing With The Stars.”  It seems some people just can’t stand the fact that Sarah Palin’s daughter, who had a child at 16 and out of wedlock, has successfully improved her dancing skills and has apparently captured the affection of a majority of the show’s fans.  Those who are upset are mostly people with left-leaning political views and those who simply hate Sarah Palin for general purposes.
I’m the first to admit I was less than impressed with Bristol Palin and thought she should have been voted off the show early in the competition.  She wasn't a star, not even really a celebrity except for her mother's politics and her teenage pregnancy.  However, over the course of the competition she has gained confidence and fans and has continued to improve.  And while she is nowhere near the level of Jennifer Gray in skill and grace, she has gained enough coordination and skill to keep her in the competition.  At least, the people voting think so.
I’ve read numerous articles, blogs and even Facebook postings that say the Tea Party is somehow sabotaging the voting.  One person on Facebook even referred to “the racist Tea Party Pansies voting for her.”  This type of rhetoric, while sad, is actually humorous to me.  It shows the shallow thinking of some people when they don’t get their way.  The Tea Party can no more control the voting than they can the dancing.  All they can do is vote as many times as allowed and if those voting for the other contestants don’t keep up, whose fault is that? 
Like her mother, Bristol Palin has a lot of courage.  There are millions of people in the country who vilify both of them, many without any reason other that it seems like the cool thing to do.  Neither of the Palin women have done anything to anyone that should afford them such hatred and ridicule yet people who follow “the party of tolerance” just can’t help but hate them.  I don’t understand it.  I applaud both of them for continuing to do what they do and follow their own hearts even as others speak vilely about them and criticize their every word and action.
Will Bristol Palin win “Dancing With The Stars?”  I have no idea.  I know she’ll have a chance according to the voting up until now but the competition is, I believe, beyond her reach. She certainly wouldn’t be my first pick but I don’t even vote, I just watch.  I give her kudos for the most improved competitor even if she doesn’t win.  I think she’s humble and having fun and very deserving of much credit in that area.  And it’s good to see her mother in the audience cheering her on.  Some say Bristol doesn’t deserve to be there.   I say ‘Go Bristol.  Give it your best shot and have fun doing it!”

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