Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Where Is The Justice For Darren Wilson?

On August 9, 2014, Ferguson, Missouri, resident, Michael Brown, was shot and killed by police officer Darren Wilson. According to all reports, including the lengthy Justice Department report that had to have been difficult for Eric Holder to accept, Wilson's shooting of Michael Brown was justified because Brown, a very large young man, violently attacked Wilson inside his patrol vehicle, injuring him, then attempted to attack him again outside the patrol vehicle.

Before the day was over, an eyewitness to the shooting, Brown's friend Dorian Johnson, was on TV telling the media and the nation that Officer Wilson pulled Brown into the vehicle, shot Brown in the back as he was running away and that Brown was on his knees with his hands up when Wilson fired the fatal shot into his head. By his statements, Johnson was the originator of the "hands up - don't shoot" mantra that became a national slogan. Except none of Johnson's statements, except that he was there with Brown at the time, was true. None of them.

Other eyewitness testimony, combined with forensic evidence, proved not only that Brown's death occurred exactly as Officer Wilson said it did but that nearly everything Dorian Johnson testified to was completely untrue. So where are Wilson and Johnson now?

Officer Wilson, vindicated by the St. Louis County Police Department and the Holder Justice Department, was forced to resign from his job as a police officer for his own safety and that of his fellow officers. Dorian Johnson, after fabricating his story and lying to the grand jury about what really happened, was recently hired by the City of St. Louis to a temporary position.

According to the St. Louis Dispatch: 

Jeff Rainford, Mayor Francis Slay’s chief of staff, has confirmed that Johnson was hired under a state grant through the city’s Agency on Training and Employment, or SLATE.

Officials said he is doing work for the city. The job, listed as a temporary position, pays about $8.50 an hour.

Rainford said Johnson met the low income eligibility requirements for the hiring.

Well, isn't that special?

Darren Wilson, an honest and decorated police officer who did his job correctly and then told the truth about what happened, forced to resign while Dorian Johnson, a thug with a criminal record who was with Brown when he robbed the store and lied to the grand jury and to federal investigators, gets a job with the city government.

Why is Eric Holder not pursuing criminal charges against Johnson for lying to federal investigators? That is a crime. During my career with the Justice Department I knew several people who spent time in federal prison for lying to federal investigators.

I guess charging Johnson would be the final nail in the coffin of Holder's racially biased investigation into the Brown shooting. It had to be hard enough to admit Wilson did nothing wrong. But wait - he didn't actually say Wilson was innocent, did he? He merely said there was insufficient evidence to show that Wilson committed a crime (based on eyewitness testimony and forensic evidence.) Holder would never admit out loud that Wilson was right and justified in shooting Brown. Nor will he prosecute Johnson for lying to his investigators. Although Holder could use Johnson's lies to vindicate himself, saying Johnson's story was credible enough that the investigation was warranted, Holder would see it as an admission of biased incompetence, which is exactly what it was.

Darren Wilson will find another job, most likely as a police officer in a small, out of the way town where no one really knows him. The state of Idaho would seem to be a safe prospect.

I wonder if Dorian Johnson has any feelings about the fact that his lies helped force Darren Wilson into the unemployment line? If I had to guess I'd say probably not. Johnson had no conscience when it came to lying repeatedly about what happened that night. I doubt he even has a conscience.

Personally, I think Wilson should find a really good attorney, sue Dorian Johnson (for a chunk of that $8.50 an hour and for general purposes), Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson (for slander and character assassination), and Eric Holder for undue emotional stress caused by Holder's vigorous and biased efforts to prosecute a white man for the deaths of Michael Brown and Trayvon Martin.

We all know what Holder's motivation was. If Darren Wilson looked like Barack Obama the investigation and interference by Al Sharpton would never have taken place. They wouldn't even have been considered.

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