Tuesday, March 31, 2015

The Indiana Law - My Take

I watch in amazement as the liberal media leads the LGBT community around by the nose, making them believe that the new Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA) in Indiana is an anti-gay law. I also can't help but shake my head listening to people demand tolerance of their beliefs while at the same time telling another group of people that they will not tolerate theirs. Hypocrisy and hatred abound in the protests that are going on right now about the new law in Indiana.

Contrary to what is being spread across the headlines and web pages about the new law - it does not and will not legalize discrimination - against anyone. It actually protects a group of people from discrimination. Unfortunately, in today's America it's the wrong group of people.

This new law doesn't discriminate nor does it give anyone the right to discriminate. What the law says is that if you refuse service or refuse to provide a product to someone because their actions (such as same sex marriage) violate your religious beliefs you have the right to do that and the right to be heard and make your defense in court. You cannot immediately be judged guilty without a chance to defend yourself and your beliefs. It does not say businesses don't have to serve gays and/or lesbians or blacks or anyone else. It is strictly about a person's religious views and whether or not they must be respected and tolerated just like the other people who want respect and tolerance.

Would the law ever force a Muslim or Jewish deli owner to make and sell someone a ham sandwich? Of course not. It would go against their religious beliefs. Why hasn't the left and LGBT activists taken up that cause, I wonder? Because it reflects freedom of religion that doesn't effect them. That's extremely one sided thinking.

Seriously, does everyone realize just how few businesses this will probably effect? How many small businesses, bakeries, florists, photographers, in Indiana are owned and operated by Christians who will refuse to give service to a same sex couple? Nationwide I think there have been four cases. At least four who were sued. And two of them were sued successfully because the cases appeared before sympathetic liberal judges.
I'm amazed at how many people just don't understand that this is about tolerance in reverse. But I guess I'm not really amazed. The liberal left and the main stream media are lying with the intent to mislead America, just as they did about Barack Obama, Benghazi, the IRS, and as they're continuing to do about Hillary Clinton. And they're succeeding.

This law is about tolerance - only in reverse. It's about respecting people's religious rights to not agree with you about a controversial topic and to not be forced to accept and/or participate in what you do.

That's really the bottom line. The law is designed to prevent people with religious convictions from being forced to participate, against their deeply held religious convictions, in things that someone else does which violate those convictions. It's about tolerance of one's Christian beliefs.

And what is wrong with that?

The left and the LGBT activists want everyone to accept and tolerate same sex marriage. Many Christians believe the Bible specifically spells out that homosexual behavior is a sin. Those Christians feel very strongly that they should not, voluntarily or by court order, have to participate in same sex marriage. Yet there are some in the LGBT community, and some liberal judges, who insist that the rights and beliefs of Christians simply don't matter. Christians are being forced to participate, against their will, in same sex marriages or close the doors to their businesses.

The hatred and boycott of Indiana because of the misleading information being put out by the main stream media and the LGBT activists are a perfect example of liberal tolerance at its best. "You must accept and tolerate what I do and say but I will not tolerate what you do and say if it disagrees with what I believe" seems to be their motto.

The only real problem Indiana has right now is no specific law preventing discrimination against the LGBT community. If that community and the left want the governor to enact such a law that's what they should be demanding. This law isn't meant to discriminate against them. It is meant to protect the rights of religious groups to disagree with them. If you want another type of law for your protection then fight the correct fight.

The ignorance of truth in this country is absolutely amazing to me. Many people believe everything the main stream media puts out whether it's true or not. They don't research things to find the truth. They take in what the main stream media tells them then regurgitate it as truth. Is it any wonder the people twice elected a President who is so clearly anti-American and whose anti-American foreign policies could trigger World War III? Is it any wonder those same people want to elect a very obviously corrupt woman to replace him?

I worry about the country I love and served my entire adult life. I worry about her not because the current President is black, as the left would have you believe, but because in my opinion, after 30 years of work for the federal government, his policies are destructive to this Constitutional Republic. I worry because there are so many uninformed Americans who support what he's doing without understanding what he's doing. I worry because those same uninformed voters will try to elect Hillary Clinton, not because she'll be a good President but because she's Hillary Clinton.

I worry because President Obama has done everything he can do to alienate our allies and befriend our enemies, including Iran, whose leaders shouted "Death to America" as the Obama administration was attempting to forge a deal concerning their nuclear enrichment program. I worry because our closest friend, Israel, is being maligned by this President and has been threatened with abandonment by the Obama administration if they don't do what he wants.

I worry because so many people believe that President Obama has the best interests of the United States at heart - even after he began his first term by apologizing to the world for the United States of America.

2016 cannot get here soon enough.

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