Monday, March 9, 2015

"Darren Wilson Benefited From Our Legal System"

So said President Obama about the Justice Department's failure to find a reason to charge Wilson with a civil rights crime.

"We may never know exactly what happened," Obama said. But that's not quite true. 

We do know what happened. We know because there were witnesses who saw it happen. We know because there were other witnesses who lied about what happened and threatened those who told the truth. We know what happened because the Justice Department's report says there is absolutely no reason not to believe Darren Wilson's version of what happened and because those who contradict it have been proved wrong. We know what happened, Mr. President. Just because you don't like it doesn't make it not so.
"You can't just charge him anyway because what happened was tragic," the president added. "I have complete confidence and stand by the decision that was made by the Justice Department on that issue."

Really? You have complete confidence and stand by the decision? Then why did you say we may never know exactly what happened? We do know. Either you stand by the decision or you question it. Which is it, Mr. President?

Darren Wilson did benefit from our legal system. But not in the way I perceive the President to mean it. President Obama means that Wilson got away with his crime because of our flawed and racially biased system. The truth is that Wilson remained innocent until proven guilty. Wilson benefited from the Justice Department sending FBI agents to Ferguson to uncover the truth about what happened. The truth exonerated him, much to the chagrin and frustration of President Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder. Wilson benefited from properly trained agents conducting a fair and unbiased investigation (perhaps against the wishes of the Attorney General) and reporting the facts honestly.

At least in this instance Holder didn't put out a nationwide appeal for any information that could be used against Officer Wilson - the way he did with George Zimmerman. (That investigation also failed.) 

The President went on to say that events in Ferguson showcased "what is clearly a broken and racially-biased system." I think that depends on how you look at it. What was clearly broken and racially biased was the intent of the investigation by the Attorney General. He was out to prove that Darren Wilson was in the wrong regardless of the facts. He was there trying to get that information that could convict Darren Wilson before the local investigation had even concluded. He spoke with numerous people who could tell him that the shooting must have been racially motivated because the Ferguson Police Department was a bunch of racists. Yet his efforts failed and justice prevailed.

The report also made it clear that the "Hands Up - Don't Shoot" mantra was a pure fabrication that politicians and celebrities picked up and ran with without question. And they were wrong. Period. It never happened.

I know Obama's frustration over losing this witch hunt of Darren Wilson had to have made him angry. I wouldn't have wanted to be Eric Holder at the moment he had to give the President the bad news. But I certainly would have liked to have been there to watch.

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