Thursday, March 26, 2015

Defending The Undefenable - Bergdahl To Be Charged With Desertion

In a move that's got to be, at the very least, irritating to the Obama administration, the Army said yesterday they will charge Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl with desertion and misbehaving before the enemy. If convicted, Bergdahl could face a maximum sentence of life imprisonment. And with that announcement the Army validated what many Americans already knew - the President of the United States aided the enemy by giving five of their commanders back in a trade for an American deserter.

"Was it worth it? Absolutely," State Department Airhead Spokesperson Jen Psaki said last night when questioned by Megyn Kelly. "We have a commitment to our men and women serving in the military, defending our national security every day, that we're going to do everything to bring them home if we can, and that's what we did in this case," Psaki said.

Really, Jen? "We have a commitment to our men and women serving in the military, defending our national security every day." That statement, in and of itself, is true. But you forget one minor detail when you say it in this case. Bowe Bergdahl wasn't serving in our military and defending our national security. Bowe Bergdahl walked away from the military and sought out the enemy. You have a commitment to do what's right for the nation first, above all else. Trading multiple enemy commanders for one deserter just doesn't live up to that commitment.

Let's take a close look at the trade. The Obama administration traded five of what are believed to be the worst of the worst Taliban leaders we had in our custody. Three of them have already made contact with terrorist organizations in attempts to reconnect.

The five men are bound at this time by a one-year deal with Qatar (a leading financial sponsor of terrorism in the region) but after that the Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency says all he can do is warn his officers if they return to the battlefields at the end of that year. 

"I've seen nothing that causes me to believe these folks are reformed or changed their ways or intend to re-integrate to society in ways to give me any confidence that they will not return in trying to do harm to America," Rep. Mike Pompeo, R-Kan., a member of the House intelligence committee, said recently.

Military intelligence sources have said that "multiple options" were on the table in the Bergdahl case that did not involve the swap of the five Taliban leaders. The Obama administration made the decision to go forward with the trade. One cannot help but wonder why.

In return, we got an American back on American soil. That's really all we got. That American now faces life in prison for deserting his platoon and deserting America. The Obama administration also likes to ignore the fact that in the months following Bergdahl's desertion six of his platoon members were killed while engaged in "Personnel Recovery" missions, out looking for him. He didn't serve his country "with honor and distinction" as Obama's National Security Advisor, Susan "I Say Stupid Things On TV All The Time" Rice said during one of her Sunday morning news show rounds. He deserted in a war zone and joined up with the enemy.

I can't seem to place my finger on it but something about the trade just doesn't seem quite equal. Perhaps it's just me. 

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