Sunday, March 29, 2015

Is World War III Beginning?

Anyone who is paying attention knows what a complete failure President Obama is at foreign policy - at least sound American foreign policy. If he's doing the things he's doing intentionally, for another nation or for Islam, and the United States is not in his best interest, as many believe, he's doing a good job - for them.

Let's take a look at some of his foreign policy. Russian President Vladimir Putin has no fear of Obama or the United States. Just six years ago that wasn't true. Since Obama has been President Putin has invaded Ukraine, threatened to use nuclear weapons when and if necessary, and has been flying his bombers closer and closer to the US coast in recent months.

The United States has long had a treaty with Ukraine promising to protect them against Russian aggression. We have done nothing to protect Ukraine. Congress has called upon Obama to honor the treaty and at least send lethal weaponry to the Ukranian army so they have more capability to fight back. So far Obama has refused.

Recently, the Chechen President threatened Obama. (Ukraine is a part of Chechnya.) He said if Obama sends weaponry to Ukraine he would send aid to Mexico to assist them in taking back the territory the USA took from them (California, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas.) Not that it's a serious threat but it's clear no one in Russia and the surrounding territories has any respect for Obama.

Obama is supposedly fighting ISIS. He says he has a "60 nation coalition" helping him do that. In reality - there may be 4 countries in the coalition doing anything and what they're doing is more irritating to ISIS than deadly.

Jordan and Egypt launched attacks on ISIS after ISIS killed Jordanian and Egyptian citizens. (For Jordan it was a pilot who was burned to death and Egypts was a group of Coptic Christians who were all beheaded. Both nations launched retaliatory air strikes against ISIS - that were immediately criticized and condemned by President Obama because they were not part of the coalition strikes.

Wait....  what? There are nations out there who are now ready and willing to fight and Obama criticizes them because their attacks are not what he wants? Yeah - that makes sense.

In more recent developments, President Obama has begun negotiations with a longstanding enemy of the United States, Iran, on their development of nuclear material. The deal is so bad even France has criticized it. Israel's Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, went so far as to come to the United States to address Congress on how bad the deal was for the US and Israel. Saudi Arabia has also criticized it. And what did Obama do? He chastised those three nations for their disagreement with him and threatened to cut Israel off. Imagine that. Obama would toss Israel aside to make a deal with an enemy that to this day screams out "DEATH TO AMERICA!"

Now that Obama's "counter terrorism success story," Yemen, has fallen to Iranian backed terrorists, Saudi Arabia and Egypt have joined forces to fight against those terrorists. Both nations have launched air strikes against the rebels that are taking control of Yemen. They are also mounting a ground campaign. The United States has, so far, backed Saudi Arabia in their efforts but has said nothing about Egypt. But since Obama is trying to be buddy buddy with Iran and Iran is backing the terrorists (Houthis), President Obama must be having a difficult time right now.

The big problem here, the World War III problem, is that Iran is condemning Saudi Arabia and Egypt for their attacks on the Houthis in Yemen and saying that the two nations may be instigating a war in the region. If Iran goes to war against Saudi Arabia and/or Egypt who will Obama back? He's trying so hard to befriend Iran that if he backs our allies, Saudi Arabia and Egypt, his deal is gone. But if he backs Iran he has severed ties with our allies. Of course, he doesn't seem to have a problem with that given that Egypt threw his Muslim Brotherhood choice for President out and he has threatened Israel.

If the major Middle Eastern countries begin fighting each other it could easily trigger World War III. Iran, helped by a wishy washy and often lame Obama, will work feverishly and unchecked to develop a nuclear weapon. The interesting thing is - I believe they would use it first on Israel rather than Saudi Arabia or Egypt. Other nations would have to join in to prevent nuclear holocaust in the region. And Obama will probably sit back and watch, afraid to do anything, even though it will be largely his fault if it happens.

I his six years as President, Obama has gone about degrading America, reducing our military and reducing our status as the leader of the world. He wanted to be President but he wanted the job not to make America even greater but to bring her down. It's obvious in his words and actions. And there are so many liberal progressives in this country who want the same thing that it's scary.

World War III in the Middle East would be frightening as well. Israel, Pakistan and India all have nuclear weapons. Would one of them use one? How close is Iran to having a nuke? I have no doubt that they would use one if they had it. And that's what's so dangerous about Obama trying to make a deal with them. Nobody believes they will keep their word and not continue their nuclear development. It has been reported recently that the USA just learned of a secret, underground centrifuge facility that our negotiators are going to allow Iran to keep using. What kind of idiots do we have making these decisions if they are not being made for a deliberate reason?

Obama's efforts to appease Iran may be the single most dangerous thing he has attempted while in office. No one in their right mind believes Iran should be allowed to attain a nuclear weapon. But Obama's deal doesn't prevent that from happening. IF Iran was to follow the deal it would only delay it from happening for a few years. And that's not a good deal for anyone but Iran.

We can only hope that the other nations involved in the negotiations say no to Obama's poor deal. They're refusal to do what Obama wants may just save the world...

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